What to Expect from Sony at E3 2015

The Electronics Entertainment Expo is once again among us, and it is the best time of the year for gamers hoping for exciting new games for the years to come. Sony has managed to keep most of it’s announcements under wraps this year, so this is what we might see at the press conference this year.

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ritsuka6661279d ago

''Shenmue 3 announcement.'''

If sony announce Shenmue 3 they automatically won E3 EASILY.

killerluffy1231279d ago

Announce last guardian, Sony win

Relientk771279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Ratchet and Clank
Uncharted 4
Takes of Zestiria
Ni no Kuni 2
Persona 5
The Last Guardian
Drawn to Death
No Man's Sky

Looks to be an awesome conference

Edit: Also Uncharted collection and Hellblade

Fin_The_Human1279d ago

I own a PS4 and not a XB1 but I must sat, news and hype has been minimal for Sony...hope Sony Surprises us.

MS on the other hand has been spilling with hype and rumours - if any of the hype is true then this might be MS best E3 ever.

Two games will make me buy an XB1 on the spot - A new Banjo and Lost Odessy 2.

FYIIR1279d ago

I'm an Xbox guy and I'm looking for a reason besides uncharted 4 to get a ps4 "again"

dumahim1279d ago

I don't think there's any chance Kojima will be there.

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