Peter Molyneux: 'I feel sorry for Denis Dyack'

Legendary head of Lionhead Studios Peter Molyneux has said he feels sorry for Denis Dyack, the developer of upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive Too Human.

He told "I feel sorry for Denis Dyack because you know, I think a few things were said wrong, there was that really unfortunate showing at E3 a few years ago. Everyone got on the bandwagon of saying things about Too Human. Now I've played it and, you know, it's a good game. It doesn't deserve a lot of that harsh criticism. But as soon as something starts it's very hard to turn the tide and pull it back again. Unless you've got something in your back pocket to say "Ahaa, but what about this?" then it's really really tough."

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HighDefinition3798d ago

I don`t. Denis Dyack talks alot of sh!t. Blamed "previewers" for not liking Too Human @ the time. I don`t feel sorry for some one who created their own problem.

La Chance3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

up to be a good game.
Looking at the crazy number of downloads for the demo alot of people will have the oppurtunity to see how the media was wrong about Too Human.

edit : I think you guys dont understand what I mean.
Say 1 million people downloaded the demo that makes 1 million people who will find out that the haters were wrong.That makes 1 million potentiel customers.And if you check the feedback it looks like quite alot of people were actually surprised that it didnt suck , me included.Thogh Im still noty sure if I'll be getting it.
If it was 100 downloads only that would mean only 100 hundred people would know the truth and the game would have more chances of beeig a flop

The more poeple know the truth the better it is for Silicon knights.Dont see whats so wrong about my post.

Jandre023798d ago

were mostly for people to see if it was the huge failure it was shaping up to be. Downloads are free, btw. So I don't think you can measure a games quality by the amount of demo downloads.

Thats more of a measure of built up hype, for or against a game.

krakdol3798d ago

According to the previews, Too Human seems even worse than Haze. Still, when you only got Banjo and Pinata, it could be the best game to buy.

kazuma3798d ago

number of demo downloads =/= game success or quality

The gaming GOD3798d ago

That could be the many people that were on the fence about this game.

And judging by many of the people here, they played the demo and got rid of the demo just as fast.

So the amount of downloads says nothing

cellypower3798d ago

the game is ok, but I wouldn't buy it though.

tweaker3798d ago

"Say 1 million people downloaded the demo that makes 1 million people who will find out that the haters were wrong." or RIGHT.

hazeblaze3798d ago

Some people like the game, some people think it is kind of mediocre. This will probably be one of those cult favorites that appeals to a core audience but does not translate into much retail success... much like the first Fable actually... and half of the PS2 rpg library for that matter.

I don't like the art style and the combat doesn't seem very engaging for me... I think I'll pass. But others may like it.

decapitator3798d ago

I hope you guys see the irony in here because am absolutely laughing out loud.

Molyneux who is known to over promise and under deliver on his games is criticizing Dyack who fights with people because they don't like his game and likes to throw around a lot of terms just to confuse people into believing he knows what he is talking about...oh the joy..

Bnet3433798d ago

The actual game isn't bad, it's the damn controls and horrid camera that mess the game up.

Highwayman3798d ago

Peter Molyneux may have done this in the past, though he isn't doing this anymore..Futhermore his games have always been highly successful.

It's typical of some Sony fan to bash Molyneux for that...

I can see where he's coming from, it is something you wouldn't ever be able to comprehend. I have a better understanding of it. It is something that only developers would really comprehend. They know the stresses, fears, excitement, etc...that goes with making a game. Which of you understand nothing.

jwatt3797d ago

I actually played the demo today it wasn't a bad game just not really my type of game.

Zeevious3797d ago

as soon as an opinion is not completely supportive, your suddenly in the Counter Console Conspiracy...working night and day to undermine the entire gaming establishment of ConsoleX.

Well, I don't hate any console or any game on them but I DO have actual opinions. In this case I'm surprised at the lack of quality in this title.

Anyone with access to a demo can come to their own conclusions.
That's the beauty of a demo...Everyone can try it.

I was asked what my opinion was of the hands-on E3 demo & can only repeat the half-joking phrase I heard: "It's failure is inhuman!"

I realize there where several development issues but going from an almost complete 1990's game to now, I think Too Human has really lost something with this very very thin adaptation of "real Norse Gods"
(cybernetically enhanced so long ago, but somehow we just invented the iPhone?)

Stretching it into 3 games takes it from a thin adaptation to just empty and average with generic gameplay for something supposedly polished for years.

There's nothing new, innovative, original, or particularly unique here...unless you count 'dying' so slowly you've got time to prepare dinner.

All the industry and gamers have here is a game where the only thing updated seems like the version of Unreal Engine . . . and according to Epic they still owe them $650,000 for that.

So there you have it. I just don't like it, and before I'm called a Hater, or FanBrat or any other nonsense...maybe I don't like it because of the very reasons I mention: There's little to like justifying $60 or worth my time beyond the demo.

After much anticipation, I felt exactly the same way about Haze.
Saying, 'Oh that game just isn't good...I didn't like it' only makes you a 'hater' in the eyes of rival Console Cultists.

Download the demo, play it for yourself and decide If Too Human is for you...

For me, putting the game to sleep would be 'Too Humane'

Zeevious3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

to disagree without hating an entire console, just because I dislike a single game?

That's your right, though it's also mine to point out if you had an argument you would have actually made it...instead of cowardly clicking behind the veil of the internet.

But wait, you should hear what Hermod, Frey & Freya, Heimdall, Baldur & everyone else thinks...

SlyGuy3797d ago

reminds me of how everyone felt after downloading and playing the HAZE demo.

Zeevious3796d ago

I was really anticipating Haze & what was supposed to be a unique approach to the standard FPS game with adult themes and switching sides mid-game.

The reality was all I wanted to switch was to any other game...

Haze or Super-Rub-A-Dub?
Super-Rub-A-Dub or Haze?

I can't decide which is a better First Person Shooter.

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Superfragilistic3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

I don't feel sorry for Dyack, but I do feel sorry for Too Human.

The game is much better than some would lead you to believe and is a refreshing experience for console gamers looking for something different.

It seems the demo and more recent previews/showings are starting to turn the tide. I just hope they have that "something in your back pocket" that Molyneux talks about to help push the game further. :)


Aggre this game looks awsome everyone should give it a try.

Acidicpack3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

I Agree bro After playing the demo and giving it a chance its a game that could easily suck you in for hours and hours just trying to get all that loot. + the story was top notch just from what was shown in Demo. Going to be a great game. Sure the controls take some getting use to but its worth it. Its a day one buy for me.

And for all the haters.
I know its been getting bad press and its easy to jump on the band wagon when every one is bashing something. But just play it for your self and then be the judge. I have a feeling that its going to be a great sleeper hit.

Xi3798d ago

Not included in the demo was co-op, I'm sure it completely changes the feel of the game. Playing too human with a friend probably makes for an awesome time, specially if it's more challenging and when both are at higher levels.

ChampIDC3798d ago

The only thing I could possibly complain about from the demo was the animations. Sure, they're not great, but I think the gameplay, story, and item collection really makes up for it. The controls took some getting used to, but I felt they were very effective once I got the hang of it. I'm personally looking forward to the game, but I've always been a big Diablo buff. The game isn't for everyone, but I think it's going to be a solid RPG overall.

Superfragilistic3798d ago

It's pending at the mo, but you can find it here:

Raises some pretty legitimate questions about whether the Easter Egg will be good or bad for the game. Personally I think good, but then I would've thought the game was pretty average if I didn't know how to unlock the other classes and was stuck with the Champion.

Nevers3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

..and that's before I knew how to unlock the other classes or played em. I'm buying Too Human more than likely. There just wasn't that much that was bad about the game at all that I noticed. I could nit-pick about voice acting but it wasn't nail-scraping-chalkboards (ie Two Worlds)

... and just WOW... I didn't even know Peter Molyneux could speak of anyone else besides himself in a positive light... just WOW!!!

Bloodwar3798d ago

I had a blast, and was left wanting more when the demo ended. Really.

N2NOther3798d ago

I found the demo to be a complete bore.

Highwayman3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Personally I think Too Human has got that "something in it's back pocket" I think the game will do well. But we'll have to see if it's convincing enough for gamers.
I know I've enjoyed the demo. I plan on buying this title myself.

N2NOther3797d ago

I love when people disagree with me when I said I found the demo to be a complete bore. So they're saying I DIDN'T find it a complete bore? IQ tests should be mandatory.

Arutha3797d ago

The demo put my fears to rest on the purchase of the game. The single mission was engaging enough with Champion class then being able to play the other classes to see the difference in game play sealed the deal for me. The graphics were better then I thought and I liked the different aspects of the choices you could make on your skills. The various weapons will be fun to use too. The controls were fairly easy to get used too after about 5 minutes and the camera system is not all that bad.

The fact that you get to play the game online with a friend is going to be a big selling point I think. I am curious what the create a character will be like too. It will be interesting to see what add ons they bring to the game through the marketplace. It would be nice for a few side missions hopefully.

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Jandre023798d ago

Did he just confirm that Too Human sucks balls? I mean its not like he said "I'm so happy Denis got to prove the doubters wrong" He said "I feel sorry for him."

LOLOL. Pwnt.

I just might buy Fable 2 now after seeing this guy be so honest.
Actually, no I wont. Only 360 game I will buy is Gears 2. That is a thing of beauty right there. :-D.

Montrealien3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

No, he said

(Now I've played it and, you know, it's a good game. It doesn't deserve a lot of that harsh criticism. But as soon as something starts it's very hard to turn the tide and pull it back again)

Did you read even it? this game is getting more and more positive Previews and Hype in the Forums. I`m buying it, a few people I know are buying it, and 95% of the people that hate it in comments sections and forums never even played it and are anonymous tools, like the ones that will dissagree with this comments without saying why. But if you play it and it ain`t for you, I can respect your opinion, I like it, and for me, that is all that matters.

Jandre023798d ago

Do you really expect him to say "Oh man, that demo was complete a$$." If he is talking about the game of course he is going to say its good. Did he say great or amazing?" Here's a rule of thumb when developers are discussing other developers' titles.

"I haven't played it"= Horrible

"Good" = Poor

"Great" = Good

"Amazing" = Great

"Epic" = Amazing

Lol. I'm sure someone somewhere said Lair was "good" as well.

Montrealien3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

If that`s your scale, that`s your scale. And you know what? I know someone that said Lair was

Fact of the matter is, you commented on a title and never played this game and you let other people guide your opinion, you seem ok with that, I`m not. I like Too Human, like other people here and from what I am seing, most of the ones that don`t like it here have not even played it. I respect if you don`t like the game, try to respect that I do.

Bladestar3798d ago

I think the game will do just fine.. regardless of how many people (specially in this site) are working overtime to make this game fail... besides there were some lesson learn and I think thanks to that microsoft learn a few "not to do"... like announcing games too early in the development cycle; leave that to Sony... 2 E3 ago Microsoft tried to follow sony strategy of showing games (even before they start development) in order to sell games.. they tried to show actual gameplay!... while Sony played it safe and showed only CGI.. that was the mistake.... Sony would never showed actual gameplay... get people hyped (like Kill Zone 2) get some people to buy PS3 and release the game 4 years later... Microsoft new strategy of showing only games that are far in the development cycle... this is why you didn't hear much about many games we know are still cooking.. Games like Alan wake.. while Sony once again showed some CGI about a new game that may be released 4 years from now.

Superfragilistic3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

I agree. MS has certainly changed tact on the way they show their games. After the Alan Wake and Too Human lessons of E3'06 I think they've adopted a don't show too early approach.

In fact, despite criticism from some corners, I think it shows immense confidence in product for MS to get up and largely say at E3 two years in a row now "We're only showing you our exclusives for the '08('07) holiday lineup".

I'm still amazed they kept Gears 2 & Banjo 3 quiet until GDC this year. They announced both with a little over six months before release!

It also gets me excited as to what we'll see next year... because by staying so quiet, beyond Halo Wars I have no freakin clue what they're up to! lol

TheColbertinator3798d ago

Thats the thing though Bladestar.When you get their attention and give them business for their PS3 games,they arrive to downplay games like Too Human or Tales of Vesperia,games whose futures are uncertain for now.Simply wait for the reviews to come out and the reaction of the gaming community.Because if Too Human does not meet expectations,not only will the fanboys have a field day,but a potential new franchise on the 360 will be forgotten.

Its unfair to be biased against any company for a game they have'nt released yet.If that were the case,many games today would only be sequels or franchises.

DJ3798d ago

With no RSX unit, no flex I/O bandwidth, and slower memory. To expect Sony and their developers to have shown actual gameplay footage at E3 2005 is an impossible expectation. It was either Show Target Renders, or Have Shortest Conference Ever.

If you look at the trends though, Sony has become more inclined to show gameplay footage rather than target render, striking a pretty good balance so far. Microsoft tried the CG route as well, and seem fairly comfortable with it. Neither company has felt any backlash since late last year.

Shroomy3798d ago

I know a lot of people who did! so it will probably sell pretty good, despite all this negative media attention.

kevnb3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

the media tries to convince us reviews and previews matter, but in reality they matter to very few people. 50 cent bulletproof still outsold okami, no matter what some internet writer said.

ChampIDC3798d ago

It's always nice to see somebody just honestly say that they didn't enjoy a game instead of just saying it plain sucks. I can't stand the people that automatically say a game sucks because they just didn't like it. Bubbles for you for being a reasonable person.

Infernus3797d ago

The press don't make the game and won't be playing the game like us gamers would be so in all honesty try out the games and buy the ones you want to keep playing, it's the only way to find out what you enjoy playing. The media aren't you so to speak lol, you make your own decisions, many get so tied up in metascores that they never give the badly reviewed games a chance.

Remember Heavenly Sword's media attention? This site was lit up by article after article and fanboys saying the game's too short and it sucks, had they tried it? No of course not, they listened to the media attention and blindly followed. Having played the game, it didn't suck. I felt it was a very well laid out game but although the story was good the game was too short, it was a good game, just not enough for me personally.

Too Human could be exactly the same. So don't believe everything you read, try out the demo and if you like it then buy it, if you don't you haven't spent anything on a demo have you?