Devil's Third: Itagaki Confirms US Reveal At E3

A set of statements from Itagaki - and NoA's seeming silence - leads to a necessary conclusion that the game will be in E3.

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wonderfulmonkeyman895d ago (Edited 895d ago )

Thank you, Itagaki-san.
Now the people who were misunderstanding / misinterpreting the statements, in a previous article here, about the Amazon exclusivity of the Japanese physical release, can consider themselves duely corrected and properly informed.

The game is not exclusive to Japan.
It will be coming stateside.

JuleyJules895d ago

I can't understand why people would think he said it was exclusive to Japan. What was said online after the video was that IN Japan the retail release is exclusive to Amazon Japan. I figured other regions were announcing dates because they are not at E3 and the North American release dates will be coming at E3 next week most likely around August 28th to have the most impact on sales at the beginning. Hopefully it sells well considering there is no other game like it on Wii U and no CoD this year either.

Mikito11895d ago

I would of thought the UK release date would have confirmed that also... But this is N4G lol

Enigma_2099894d ago

It's Itigaki. I couldn't give any less of a d*** if I tried.

junir894d ago

For some unknown reason I keep reading the title as "Devil's Turd".