Ready UP Live's GreenSkull : My Halo 5 Guardians Experience

Community halo youtuber member and Ready Up Live's Greenskull played a part of the Halo 5 campaign and was allowed today to report on it. This is his initial impression.

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Halo2ODST2918d ago

What is with the art style! Damn, the spartan armour "used" to look logical to a certain extent, now it's just a mess.

Erik7357918d ago

What made me happy was reading that the convenient speak ENGLISH again.


IT may not make sense but it's what made halo stick out from all the other generic sc-fi games and added a bit of sillyness to the game, especially with the grunts.

Askanison4917d ago

The "in-universe" explanation is that the helmets have translation software. They aren't actually speaking English, it's just being translated so the soldiers can understand.

As far as the art style - I love it. Linda's helmet looks great. It's designed to be something a sniper would wear.

spicelicka917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

"The convenient" hahahaha omg I'm dying xD
Actually they're very inconvenient man.

But I agree, it adds style and makes the armour look unique. And there are a lot of logical elements to it if you do some research.

christocolus917d ago (Edited 917d ago )


That made me happy too. Cant wait to hear the conversations between Elites and Grunts. Funny as ever.

I hope we get to see the campaign demo/teaser at E3.I'm super pumped for Halo 5 now.

mhunterjr917d ago

It made sense. The humans and covenant have been at war for decades prior to Halo1... That's more than enough time for both cultures to learn each other's languages...

In fact, in Halo1, cortina frequently hacked the Coventant comms to give Master Cheif info... And it is known (from the novels) that the covenant had software that would translate their speech to English for the purpose of interrogating prisoners...

By the time period of Halo2, many unsc troops were equipped with similar translators so they could understand what enemy combatants were saying in real time...

Halo2ODST2917d ago

@Spliceika - The art style already was unquie & it was also beliveable that a super soldier would wear it, now, it just looks extremely messy, not to mention how super shiny the armour is & the spike, horns & other ridiculous design choices that plague the armour's beliveablity.

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Gamer777917d ago

It's more complex looking; the simple armour style of Halo CE -3 would look cartoonish and out of place, when all the other models and objects are high detail and realistic.

DragonbornZ918d ago (Edited 918d ago )

Reading through this and watching the videos got me so damn excited man. H5 sounds fantastic! Really Glad to hear the A.I work well.

So gorgeous. N loogat dem next gen rocks!!

Moldiver918d ago

Reading that got me even more pumped. looking forward to those space battles, amongst other things!

Erik7357918d ago

Looking forward to the grunts speaking English again even more.

Samsara82918d ago

yeah the writter is very excited but some good info that bigger sites have just reported right after...halo 5 should be an amazing experience

Kavorklestein918d ago

Looks awesome! Sounds awesome! I can't wait to see more.
Is it just me, or does Greenskull sound like Benjamin fron "hunt the truth" ??? My wife and I think he must have got asked to do it cuz he has a great voice for a snappy Reporter-type of guy lol.

N0TaB0T917d ago

Not at all. Michael Key from Key and Peele voices Benjamin Giraud.

spicelicka917d ago

WOW omg i had no idea Michael is voicing Benjamin Giraud!! That's just so cool!

Kavorklestein917d ago

Oh wow! I didn't know that! Haha well I still think it sounds like Greenskull lol they sound similar sometimes.

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