7 Awesome Apartments in Games That Make Ours Look Rubbish

OX: Your home isn't just the place you keep your stuff and lie down once a day. It says lots about who you are, what you do, and how much you like collecting human skulls. That's why we have serious postcode envy for these deluxe videogame dwellings.

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AtomHeart6231134d ago

What about Edward's pad in AC IV?

MurDocINC1134d ago

I guess private island with a lagoon, ship dock, small village and huge colonial mansion overlooking it all isn't cool enough.

ameliabaz1134d ago

I dont know if this counts as an apartment since it was basically the top floor of the bar, but i really like Laguna and Raine's house from Final Fantasy 8

_-EDMIX-_1134d ago

The lolz, I work in real estate and for years I've always wondered about the design of interiors on games. Some times while playing a game and I might run across a house with no closets, kitchens etc and just got to laugh.

But I would sooooooo redo my home like the RE1 mansion, yup, not a lot of bathrooms, small as hell kitchen, awkward layout etc.

Dasteru1134d ago

The Underground Hideout mod for Fallout New Vegas.

Kitchen is shit but otherwise awesome.

franwex1134d ago

I like the apartment at Deus ex 3, and Duke nukem forever's!