Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' Story Campaign May Take 100 Hours To Complete 100 %

It's also possible that just going through the story will take 50 hours, a potential problem for some gamers.

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DarkOcelet1284d ago

You guys are really underestimating just how big this game is.

Peace Walker takes 60 hours to reach the real ending. You really think this will take 100 hours only??

Getting an S rank will probably take another 100 hours.

himdeel1284d ago

Im down for a $60 single player game that I can potentially play for months. Very excited to play this game.

goldwyncq1284d ago

60? It took me just 20 hours to reach it.

bixxel1282d ago

Why disagrees? You can't disagree how fast he played...

wakeNbake1284d ago

A good 20% of those hours will be dramatic musical cutscenes.

chrisx1284d ago

This is good news. Can't wait to explore it all

chaos9991284d ago

Do you know if it's possible to manual save? I like to save and try different playstile

gamertk4211284d ago

Think I'll spend 0 hours on it. Maybe the series dies now that Kojima is gone. Series more overrated than GTA...

PlayableGamez1284d ago

I am taking a guess that you are a troll.
Metal Gear is no where near the same level of popularity as GTA.

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The story is too old to be commented.