The Oculus Microsoft partnership is absolutely bizarre - and potentially brilliant

Dealspwn: "During their pre-E3 show yesterday, Oculus announced a partnership with Microsoft. I'm still pinching myself.

It's bizarre in a number of respects. First of all, the way in which the Rift will be used for Xbox One games is quirky to the extreme and a world away from what you'd expect."

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hennessey861285d ago

to see how far this can go on Xbox one, the system requirements for this thing are beefy.

Blues Cowboy1285d ago

At launch it won't support true Xbox One VR. As explained in the article, it streams 2d gameplay footage onto a virtual screen in front of you, in a virtual cinema. I'd assume that the Xbox One would need some sort of box to handle post-processing for true VR titles, much like Project Morpheus will.

Mr Pumblechook1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I've been following gamer news for many, many years. I've heard a lot of amazing claims but the key thing you need to do when analysing exciting news is separate the PR/Hype from the Facts.

In this case an Xbox One and Oculus partnership sounds amazing -it really seems like megaton stuff. But the facts are that an XBO controller will be included with Oculus sales. But more importantly the XBO will NOT be able to use Oculus to deliver VR. It will just project a simulated full screen of a 2D game. Before anybody starts talking about it may be possible in the future remember that neither Xbox boss Phil Spencer, nor Oculus made any such claims.

It seems good for XBO owners but I genuinely believe that Phil Spencer has made a mistake here because whilst there will be true VR available next year, Xbox One owners will not have that experience and full screen projection will compare very badly.

I think this article shows that the author must do more to separate hype from fact.

Blues Cowboy1285d ago

@Mr Pumblechook: It's more about the PC side of things, I think. The XO stuff is a bonus, but the native Windows 10 and DX12 compatibility is the main thing here. Also, did you read the article? It's not just about Xbox One by any means and everything you say is actually in there.

Palitera1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

To make a title playable in VR, devs have to compromise about as much as 3D titles did in the past.

Are you really claiming that a current gen system can't do 3D properly?

A not graphically demanding game can still be awesome and these will be the VR titles that will rock on consoles in the near future.

Septic1285d ago

It seems a tad pointless now tbh. If it can support VR in the future (no reason why it can't) then that'll be interesting.

To be honest, Project Morpheus will be the best VR device for consoles. I don't think retro-fitting Occulus for X1 will work as well at all.

Mr Pumblechook1285d ago

@Blues Cowboy. The Oculus on PC features should be great. The point you make about gaining the benefits of Oculus Rift without having to pay or risk the investment is absolutely right. The fact that Oculus have removed Mac support suggest Microsoft paid for an exclusivity deal. It would explain the weird dichotomy of the XBO and custom controller. MS obviously prefer this to be a success rather than the Valve & HTC option which would strengthen the biggest threat to their ecosystem.

Death1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I was just doing some research on this. The Xbox compatibility is somewhat misleading. The Rift will be installed on your gaming PC. If you have an Xbox One you will be able to stream your games to Windows 10. Rift is displaying your streamed games to the headset instead of the PC monitor. From what they are saying so far there are no plans to hook Rift directly to your Xbox One. Without this there is no reason to create Xbox One games for the device. You can still benefit from full VR on your Rift since your gaming PC will be what you are actually using with the device and compatible VR titles will be made on PC. This shouldn't have any impact on Morpheus since the Microsoft partnership is very limited from what we are being told.

BattleAxe1285d ago

Microsoft would need to make games that are built with Oculus in mind, in order to get the full VR experience. I think it's pretty cool that they're at least allowing non-VR games to be played on Oculus for now.

Even though right now it doesn't get people super excited with the 2D game aspect, I'm sure the sensation would be different if you were wearing the HMD yourself. I bet the TV looks bigger if you're the actual user, rather than just seeing a video of it on YouTube.

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DivoJones1285d ago

It comes with the Windows-based wireless adapter so you can use the xbox controller on PC.. so I don't really expect it to work hooked directly to an xbox one. It'll likely be a combination of the xbox-to-pc streaming, then the oculus being the display output device. This seems like a lot of 'moving parts' so I'm curious to see how well it all works together.

OB1Biker1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Well Ms is pushing Windows 10 (gaming) so its not bizarre at all. That demo was ridiculous though

Blues Cowboy1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Yeah agreed, and I think that's the point of the piece too. Once you look past Xbox it starts to make sense, though bundling it with the XO controller really doesn't!

Death1285d ago

It makes sense if Microsoft is looking to merge Xbox and PC gaming. Buying Rift for Xbox alone seems odd right now with no VR titles announced. Buying Rift for PC and also having benefits with an Xbox One starts making more sense. This deal won't appeal to everyone, but PC gamers that are also console gamers have the option of buying one device that works on their PC and Xbox if they haven't bought a new console yet. Sony would be smart to offer PC support for Morpheus to counter this partnership.

Spid3r61285d ago

We are also forgetting they have hololens that they for sure will be making games for. Perhaps they make a true VR game out of the XBOX one along with the Kinect. And what about the technology Microsoft research was able to make like the illumiroom?? I think that can be translated to the hololens and Oculus right away. Either which way Oculus and Microsoft equals trouble for Sony and Project morpheus.

wakeNbake1285d ago

True VR yes, the streaming sucks badly though.

EvilWay1285d ago

I agree. This saves Miccrosoft money and takes out a lot of the risk. If VR fails it's Oculus who loses a lot of the money not Microsoft

joeorc1285d ago

"Xbox One functionality may be odd, but it's just a first step in sticking it to Project Morpheus. Oculus Rift streaming will allow for many more applications than Morpheus, which will likely only be compatible with custom-designed games"

What the ...OMFG..does he even know how Morpheus even works? Because him even trying to claim this is even the case is completely a lack of experience with Morpheus let alone even being any where truthful. For instance I will ask him to point out things in the VR environment that This rift partnership with Microsoft will be able to do other than exclusive Microsoft IP 1st party , that the Morpheus could not do and please be in as much detail as you can. Hell private msg me. Because I want a good chuckle.

The fact that Rifts getting a concept control method that works like Playstation Move is all you need to see how much Dr. Richard Marks and his team for wireless control methods that not only work with in a 3D environment, AR and VR but was one of the best ways in how you implement such control methods.

Back in the year 2000 @ SIGGRAPH Dr. Marks showed off not just in concept stage but a workable method with demonstration software to boot, working with the PS2 among things. If you have not been paying attention Sony's team has had that direction all along, as a matter of fact the Eye toy for gaming, and how would a motion control method would work with a external camera would work the best. Hell in 2004 Microsoft licenced a 3D depth sense camera that once again Sony showed off how it would work with a game environment back @ SIGGRAPH with Sony's Dr. Marks showing how it works again with a playstation 2.

Now you see how Morpheus, Move and the core Dual shock 4 all work with project Morpheus which Also has lights so as even Morpheus can be tracked by a 3d depth sense camera of the PlayStation 4's camera. I would love to see how the set up that Microsoft has with their VR do without a lighted front for the OCRifts set up track the Xbox ones game pad in real time, give it real time VR augmentation on the fly over lay and track it inside a VR setup.

Well Sony's method can already do just that. If any thing without the PC , Microsoft's VR method will not work let alone real time AR augmentation in a VR environment for the input methods of the system itself.

Blues Cowboy1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Erm, seems like you didn't notice the phrase "first step." Morpheus is awesome, but again, this partnership is much bigger than just Xbox!

joeorc1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Again, even with 1st steps, the methods that Microsoft are using still does not take away from the fact its limitations in how it can be used is quite limited vs Morpheus. For instance

Notice how the game pad that Microsoft use as the default game pad has no way for the camera to track the game pad? Again how will Microsoft's method account for that? It does not take into account tracking your game pad with Microsofts method that's how.

Example: ands-on-sonys-updated-project- m orpheus?origref=

Death1285d ago

It doesn't look like Xbox One functionality will change in the future with Rift. This partnership isn't much more than the existing streaming from Xbox One to PC that is coming with Windows 10. Instead of streaming to a monitor you will be able to use the Rift headset attached to your gaming PC.

Rift and Morpheus are pretty much PC vs PS4. The advantage Rift has with this partnership is the ability to stream Xbox One games to the device along with true VR when used with the PC. Morpheus is restricted to the PS4. I don't see this partnership swinging the VR war in either direction since PC gamers and console gamers are pretty much set on the platform of their choice.

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