How would you like Wireless HDTV on your Sony PS3?

Sony and others like Samsung Electronics, Sharp, Hitachi and Motorola has just set up a joint industry development body to bring you all something special and that is Wireless Home Digital Interface or better know as WHDI as standard by the end of the year.

What the hell is WHDI?

Well to cut a long story short here is a little insight, "A key ingredient of WHDI technology is a revolutionary video-modem that operates in the 5GHz unlicensed band to enable robust wireless delivery of uncompressed HD video (including 1080p).

WHDI will allow secure encrypted HD video delivery through multiple rooms and of course other potential signal obstructions like furniture and people, but yet still giving you superb quality and robustness with less than one-millisecond latency.

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Mr_Bun3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

The only problem I see is the distance between the dualshock controller and the PS3 are limited by bluetooth (approx. 10 metres, which is still pretty good), but the rest is awesome! We are gettin' closer to getting rid of all wires/cables!

Wildarmsjecht3768d ago

10 meters is more than enough. who is gonna be that far away with binoculars on trying to play a game?


The thought made me giggle profusely. Ahh..what an image. Thank you for that indirect chuckle Mr Bun.

n4gzz3768d ago

doesn't make difference to me.

Mr_Bun3768d ago

My point about the bluetooth refers to the diagram where the PS3 is in a different room and floor than where the controller and TV that is going to display the PS3, which could be quite a large distance.

JustinSaneV23768d ago


Your avatar is quite unfitting if you do not understand Mr Bun's point.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3768d ago

What about switching disc, lol?

So you're telling me you're going to pop in a game then move to a different room to play. When you're done move back to the room with the PlayStation 3 to change games. Good luck with that one.

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kapedkrusader3768d ago

Come on man, is your house a theme park?

Sitdown3768d ago

I see what he is saying...and 30 ft is not necessarily that far, especially when you have to take into account thickness of walls and well as other things that might interfere.

supahbad3768d ago

or going upstairs like me

smartmart3768d ago

It should not be a problem. I often use my dualshock3 as a remote control for my music server while I am outside my house (outdoor speakers ftw ). It works flawlessly even past 10 meters even if the ps3 is a couple of rooms away plus the oustside wall. Anyway, wireless HD sounds too good to be true.

medicshelley3768d ago

how do you know what your selecting

MikeGdaGod3768d ago

this would be pretty cool

Siesser3768d ago

Shuffle library. I do the same thing; crank the reciever upstairs and then head outside. I've even used it down in the basement which is a two stories down. that signal travels further/stronger than the specs suggest.

smartmart3768d ago

@medicshelley1981 : I use my itunes playlists or shuffle my whole library. I use the controller to pause or skip.

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RRoDx3603768d ago

Don't get me wrong, it's a cool concept, and yes you don't have to worry about messy cables and what not, but you can also do some cable management. I just prefer direct connection over wireless, cell phone is an exception.

I think this will be like Wifi, the farther you are from the WHDI device, the more the latency, and of course there are other factors: furniture, walls, and other electronic devices can interfere with that signal.

Mr_Bun3768d ago

but I am skeptical about the "delay" as well...hopefully we are both wrong!


And that is the point.

They know wired is NOW better than wireless, that is exactly why they should try to push stronger wireless, to it someday practically match wired connections.

I'm all up for wireless, specially energy wireless (whihc should be 10 or so years away for practical and commercial devices), someday you'll not have to worry on put 10 jacks in a room you are building so you can never need to mess with it (not to say those are 10 potential fire starters).

But, for now and for some time, you are right. Wired > Wireless.

Siesser3768d ago

Couple this with the wireless electricity they're finally getting going, and we're almost at a rediculous media turning point.

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