New Street Fighter V Full Uncut Matches

Brand new street fighter v matches.

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Sadist31258d ago

Slow fighting. 3 hit combos. Same outfits since 1991...this game needs to upgrade

rocketpanda1258d ago

You must be blind! Didn't they try to change the game with the EX versions, and turned out terrible. Don't mess with the formula if it is still held up as one of the best fighting games. You want combos go play Killer Instinct.

Flipgeneral1258d ago

There's a reason SF is still strong 20+ years later.

As someone that's been playing fighting games that long, this game actually looks dope.

Baka-akaB1258d ago

It's useless to argue against that kind of silly mindset .

Why indeed wouldnt he complaint about the serie not catering to stuff he can find instead in plenty other fighting game franchises ?

Gohadouken1258d ago

He probably didnt even notice that the displayed version of the game was sped up to Street 2 Turbo level after feedback ...

But i suspect he wouldnt care to notice any change anyway and anyhow

SugarSoSweet1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I agree with you Sadist3 the game feels too much like SFIV and they HAVE been wearing the same outfit since 1991 could they atleast have a costume/hair style and win pose change?

blackblades1258d ago

How do you know it feels the same you haven't played it.

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IamTylerDurden11258d ago

Wow it looks amazing for pre alpha, i love the shaded style and the paint splatter looking fx when you perform special moves it's eye catching.

The way Bison's trenchcoat moves and the tapestry tech is impressive. I love the backgrounds as they are a highlight in every SF game but the sheer number of ppl moving in London was impressive and the sparks in the china level were fantastic as they were falling on the players and raining down. Awesome moment when i think Bison was kicked into the bus and then it drove away.

I am excited to see the other characters. It looks amazing though, SFV ftw.

Vandamme211258d ago

The music sounds like kof music

Darkniz1258d ago

The game look great so far at the pre alpha state. My only gripe that the costumes are a little dated. How may times are we going to see them in the same exact outfits. They need to go beyond just the color swaps and sometime cheesy alt outfits. And truly modernize the outfits across the board!!

SugarSoSweet1258d ago

Couldn't agree more they could change hair styles too and designs too why can't Chun-Li wear her hair out for once