Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - "Movement does feel better than AW, but not as good as Titanfall"

According to the words of Emanuel Maiberg, movement of the new installment of the franchise owned by Activision will feel better than jittery Advanced Warfare, but not enough to reach the level of Titanfall.

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Jimboms1165d ago

Titanfall was free moving, COd need to work on that

iTechHeads1165d ago

Titanfall got boring real quick.

Jimboms1165d ago

True, whereas AW is still interesting, Titanfall just needs more of a hook.

StrayaKNT1165d ago

To people who never played it, yes. To everyone else best fps in years.

spicelicka1165d ago

Titanfall is still amazing and it was only a multiplayer game. I can only imagine how good it will if when it's a full-fledged game with a campaign.

Saijahn1165d ago

sorry you feel that way. the only issue titanfall had was the lack of weapons. the existing one's are pretty dull.

DivoJones1165d ago

I was a pretty big fan of Titanfall.. more than most I'd say. As far as multiplayer goes it's the same repetition as CoD.. 6v6.. not a ton of maps.. cod has killstreaks, titanfall has titans. What made a difference for me was how linear and bottlenecked CoD maps are. AW added more vertical movement which partially addressed this, but there's still the same spots where people HAVE to come around this corner on ground level. Titanfall had none of that, and as a result had almost no corner traps or forced bottlenecks.

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Blues Cowboy1165d ago

Hardly surprising. Titanfall really nailed traversal in ways that few shooters have, especially in terms of fluidly linking jumps and grabs with parkour. Sadly it was a bit skinny at launch and the matchmaking issues on XO really hurt for a few months.

Moldiver1165d ago

Still a game, that I play every other day. But I do wish there were more weapons and visual character customization. Camos, helmets...stuff like that. Purely cosmetic.

As a pure gaming experience though, I would only take halo or BF over titanfall. If titanfall had more weapons and a higher player count I would have put it ahead of BF, for me, personally.

scark921165d ago

I hope there is no high jumping movements in this!

EDKICK1165d ago

AW had a fine movement system but yea don't build on previous entries or anything

Paytaa1165d ago

Titanfall is my go to game when I'm burnt out of another game for the day. It's just plain good ole fun and never have I ever got mad at the game. I remember when CoD used to be that '1 hour of fun' game that you could just pick up and play and have a good time. I think Titanfall is a perfect replacement for that but obviously didn't have the legs for that. CoD tries so hard to be eSports centric while not being an actual arena shooter that it lost the touch CoD 4 introduced. Titanfall 2 hopefully has more content and now that it's going to be on PS4 we'll see a larger overall community to drive the game forward. Titanfall > modern CoD for me anyday of the week.

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