Take 2 Not Getting Involved with E3 2007

SPOnG can confirm that one the world's major games publishers, Take 2 Interactive, will not be taking part in next year's re-invigorated E3 event in Los Angeles.

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MicroGamer4364d ago

What are you supposed to do? Take your products and show them off to your competitors so that they can copy you?? Better to take your games to a show that is open to the public so that gamers can get a look at what you are doing.

calderra4364d ago

The real goal of e3, just like many other trade shows, wasn't about consumers. AT ALL.

The show is for developers to interest publishers, and publishers to interest game sellers, etc. The fact that consumers even began to get into the shows was an interesting turn of events.

Take2 probably already has their publishers lined up... so they don't really need to bother with the trade show circuit much. Especially not the new-crappified e3.