Crackdown & Scalebound won't be at E3 - so should we expect them in 2016?

Dealspwn: "We'll have to wait until Gamescom to learn more about Crackdown, Scalebound and Quantum Break, the latter of which was delayed into 2016. Does that mean that Crackdown and Scalebound have suffered a similar fate?"

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bggriffiths1135d ago

Yeah, I think MS have enough to go on for this Xmas. Crackdown could do well in a quiet summer slot maybe next year.

Think we'll see Crackdown and Scalebound in action at Gamescom with any luck.

Septic1135d ago

Crackdown and Scalebound were never realistically going to make it in 2015 anyway. Expect a solid date possibly being given at Gamescom

Blues Cowboy1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

Agreed. I think that's the point, really. We've seen so little of them that I reckon they were probably just announced a bit early and a lot of people jumped the gun.

When you think it through, I reckon that few people really believed that both games would make 2015.

EDIT: Don't misunderstand me, I hope I'm wrong! :D

FarEastOrient1135d ago

Spread the games around the year and give them space. This would work for me, each month some breathing room. Scalebound Feb. Quantum Break Mar. Crackdown May and Gears 4 fall.

freshslicepizza1135d ago

from the article,
"I mean, this fall from a first-party/third-party standpoint is great. Next fall, I don't... Honestly it's not hype at all, I honestly don't know that we can actually ship all the stuff that thinks it's trying to ship next fall," he added. "It just might be too crowded and we might purposely try to move some things out to spread it. You have to [give them some breathing room], you have to do that."

but microsoft only sees the fall line-up as a time to release big games. perhaps spreading titles out should mean exactly that. have games spread out throughout the year. here we are in 2015 and where are all the big games so far prior to september?

showtimefolks1135d ago

These were always 2016 titles, but I am kind of surprised we won't get to see them at e3

Gears 4
halo 5
tomb raider

This much is known for e3, I was very excited to see crackdown. I feel like ms should treat that ip better and it could be like infamous ip is to Sony

This year Sony doesn't have a conference at gamescom, so ms have it to them self

Hopefully there will be other surprised.

What's not fun about e3 is that we already know so much about a lot of gagames that will be there. I wish moving forward a lot of these ganes are kept a secret till e3 for a bigger surprise factor

Cueil1135d ago

Microsoft had to cut games to keep it in the 90 minute time frame. Also remember they are doing a full GamesCom press event on the same level as E3.

showtimefolks1135d ago

Yes I know I said that in my first comment. It doesn't take long to show a 1:30 trailer for both

Hopefully there will be sone huge surprises

Spenok1135d ago

I disagree with your statement of "They have enough to go on for this xmas."

The only thing I can find for this Christmas is Halo 5, and Rise of the Tomb Raider as far as exclusives go... without more titles, that leaves plenty more to desire (in the exclusives department). So unless you're adding multiplatform titles as well, then please, enlighten me. (Genuinely interested in knowing)

Keep in mind that is considering everything that has a confirmed 2015 release date. Everything else is either unconfirmed, or confirmed for 2016.

Magicite1135d ago

MS E3 will be poor without scalebound and QB, those seem like most original titles.

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christocolus1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

MS moving Scalebound and Crackdown to Gamescom doesn't mean they are getting delayed cos they were never scheduled for a 2015 release in the first place, according to Phil and Mike Ybara,development of both games have been going on smoothly and also Kamiya mentioned in an interview that MS's direct involvment with the project has helped speed up the development of SB and Mike Ybara even got to play Scalebound during his visit to platinum games in July last year.

I think all 3 games(SB,CD&QB) will be released next year.

Farmassy1135d ago

I hope they show them off at gamescon but is there confirmation that they will be on display there? I am fairly sure they will release in 2016 and I am a little bummed that I don't get to see them at E3. If they are at Gamescon than its all good though. I just want to see some gameplay from both soon

christocolus1135d ago

Yeah i was looking forward to seeing them at E3 too,but I'm hoping MS has something really awesome to show off in the absence of CD and SB. They just have to.

Cueil1135d ago

I think Phil tweeted that much... though I'm not sure he directly said it what games

SliceOfTruth8881135d ago

These games were always 2016

The 10th Rider1135d ago

That's the impression I was always under.

ShowanW1135d ago

E3 & Gamescom aren't that far apart this year, about 5weeks or so.
There is no need to be that upset about not seeing a game at E3.

This is a smart move on Microsoft's part, that way both shows seem fresh and not just a "Remix" of E3.

Last year everyone got on MS back because E3 and Gamescom weren't that different in terms of content or show.

PlayableGamez1135d ago

To be honest, I hope they do delay these games. I really don't like how MS crams all of their games in one season. It is actually pretty overwhelming.

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