What We Can Expect From Sony At E3

Sony has a lackluster line up going into the holiday season, will the Japanese giant come up with something to amaze its fans at E3?

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Septic1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

I expect some megatons. My senses are tingling.

1) TLG- I know I know, but I believe!
2) GT7- Its time now to unveil it and I reckon it will be shown
3) Media Molecule's new game
4) God of War- we know this is happening
5) Ratchet- more falafel gameplay
6) Uncharted 4 gameplay
7) Morpheus- about 15 minutes minimum spent on showcasing this
8) Indie falafel
9) No Mans Sky gameplay and release date
10) Shenmue exclusive? Please!
11) Horizon
12) Destiny DLC
13) SFV

And more falafel but these are the bigger announcements I expect

nucky641011d ago

I don't see any "megatons" on your list.

how about:
syhphon filter
jak 4
new crash bandicoot]
GG next game
and while very unlikely - demon souls 2 would cause a big stir.

Septic1011d ago

"I don't see any "megatons" on your list."

Yet you list Horizon which is "GG next game" on your list.

Syphon Filter and Jak 4 are the more unlikely candidates. Demon Souls 2 isnt that unlikely tbh

Sevir1011d ago

What's likely

first party:

Updates- Tearaway, Rime, Until Dawn, Shadow of the Beast, EGTRapture, GoW:R, U:NDC, Ratchet and Clank, Drawn to Death, Fat Princess adventures.

Uncharted 4 - Demo/Release Date info
TLG- Megaton
GT7 - Megaton
GG's Horizon - their Twitter page just got created yesterday (coincidence?) and they have started tweeting, and Herman Hulst is confirmed at E3 this year
Level-5 RPG
Quantic Dreams New IP
Sony Bend New IP

Third Party:

Star Wars Battlefront demo
COD:BO3 demo
Dark Souls 3 Demo
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
Destiny DLC
SF5 Footage and Beta date announcement

Tones of indie news
Morpheus news
And then they'll close the show with something big.

Barricade1011d ago

if TLG drops, it'd be a megaton. God of War has become one of Sony's iconic franchises, so a next installment would be a megaton. GT actually IS Sony's best selling franchise, so that'd be a huge megaton... That entire list pretty much consists of megaton announcements.

I'm hoping for some news about Agent, or anyone else who wants a new Red Dead? A man can dream..

Gority1011d ago

Syphon Filter is not a megaton, sorry nucky64. Sure it's a good franchise, but megaton by no means.

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SniperControl1011d ago

Hopefully they announce GT7 with a Logi G29 collaboration and Morpheus integration.
Also looking forward to some UC4 and UC:NDC gameplay.

It's gonna be a epic E3 for Sony.

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MasterCornholio1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

I'm predicting that we will see a mind blowing Morpheus game.


P.S I don't think Sony will introduce a virtual threatre to the device to be honest.

S2Killinit1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

I expect the same.

What is a virtual theatre?

SniperControl1011d ago

"I don't think Sony will introduce a virtual theatre to the device to be honest"

I hope they do, but not in the way MS are doing it, a virtual theatre for watching movies, just chuck in a blu-ray and watch it on the Morpheus.

There are a number of virtual theatres on the Rift, i use MaxVR on my rift to watch movies on.

Sevir1011d ago

This write up is hilarious.

Letthewookiewin1011d ago

Sony has announced 4 or 5 things with release dates in the past 2 weeks and it's not even E3 yet. To me MS has a lackluster line up. Halo 5, cool but big deal, Forza, no one cares and sales say so. Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive. Sony has a exclusive release almost every month. Stupid article.

S2Killinit1011d ago

Yup. This is the PR push before the holidays. It happens every year if you notice. Looking at the list of games on the two consoles, its Ms that has a 'kackluster' exclusive line up. But every time MS has a couple of big titles coming up in the holiday season, its the same story all over again with the "lackluster Sony line up".

showtimefolks1011d ago

Uncharted 4 demo
god of war 4 teaser
dark souls 3
destiny expansion news
Project morpheus
street right 5
mgs5 demo
no man sku,rime and until dawn
horizon guerrilla games new IP

Maybe list

Ratchet and clank trailer but since that game isn't due till 2016 maybe they will shoe something at playstation event

Sony bends new game maybe resistance reboot maybe the rumored horror game

The last guardian. I believe this is the year. But many of us have been saying that for few years now


Agent from R*

shamnue ip bought

Crash ip bought back

Marketing deals

I believe Sony will get the exclusive marketing for these ganes along with some games offering 30 days of exclusive dlc

Call of duty yes I believe the rumors are true

Fallout 4, yes ps4 has a huge install base and bethesda are smart. They would want to market with the bigger install base

Star wars confirmed
batman confirmed

Mgs5 I think is also with ps4

These marketing deals could end up paying huge, look at how destiny was advertised.

And FYI the advertisement firm that was with xbox last gen now is with ps4

I expect one huge 3rd party exclusive

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