What the Games Industry can Learn From Fallout 4's Reveal

NDTV says: "Amidst the sea of caution and widening distrust between video game companies and their audience lies Bethesda. Granted it too is guilty of leading fans along a merry song and dance (as is the case with the new Doom game) but the way it revealed its upcoming post-apocalyptic role-playing game, Fallout 4, is a thing of beauty."

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MysticStrummer1286d ago

It learned that even after multiple games have failed to live up to their reveals, a well done reveal trailer can still make gamers soil their britches.

WoshJills1285d ago

1. Tease gamers with website.
2. Announce game, release trailer.
3. Hold press conference about the game, show gameplay footage at E3.

Well done, Bethesda.

D3TH_D33LR1285d ago

We learnt that fanboys... Fanboys never change.

curtis921285d ago

Sometimes... not very often, but sometimes I miss the days before the internet. When people formulated their own opinions looking at screenshots in magazines or seeing a cool commercial on tv. So many gamers nowadays just flock to the latest fad in whatever it is everyone's moaning and groaning about and they let that dictate what they play.

titans99991285d ago

Fallout 4, excited and I love it, if you don't' then shut the fuck up, period! End of convo!