Streaming 2D Games to PS4 Morpheus Is Possible But is it Wanted?

It's possible Sony might use the PS4 to stream games to the Morpheus VR headset but is this a feature gamers actually want or expect from VR?

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CiliCanadian1197d ago

I think having Morpheus be able to act as Virtual Theater to run or stream any games available from PS4 would be a big plus. This would mean that Morpheus can be used with much more that a few VR title (initially) which broaden the appeal.
Ideally Morpheus will get PC support too to broaden it's potiential user base.
Even better would be that Morpheus can act as a Virtual Theater by itself (i.e. fix screen display with distortion correction) without a PS4 (just a screen in the dark). That way it could be a personal viewer for any HDMI output without needed to 'stream to a PC via Windows 10' silliness.

ibrake4naps1197d ago

And my 3d blurays! Could replace my Sony personal 3d viewer hmd