Destiny Players Are Reporting Issues Connecting to the Servers

Bungie on Twitter: "We are aware of issues preventing some players ability to connect to Destiny and are currently investigating. Standby for updates."

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Halo2ODST21252d ago

Yea, I got disconnected earlier. "Viper"

PistolsAtDawn1252d ago

Destiny Servers do EA servers...this is why I'm hoping that with Titanfall 2 X1 users don't have to use the EA servers. So far Azure servers are the only ones I've used without any problems and they ALWAYS have a low ping...I'm always in the 20-29ms range. No parity PLEASE!!!

JeffGUNZ1249d ago

This. Titanfall had the best servers I have ever played. Azure is pretty great. No excuses for companies like Bungie and EA not to provide stellar servers.

Cra2yey31251d ago

Psn just kick my friends and I from party chat and FIFA 15 and it says its on maintenance now.