Tetris Ultimate Review | The Vita Lounge

Kyle from The Vita Lounge takes on the supposed Ultimate version of Tetris, finding that beneath the boastful name is a rock solid game with some highly addictive gameplay.

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vongruetz1165d ago

Tetris for the Vita had been MIA for months. It's nice to see that the game was worth the wait. It's even nicer to see that it doesn't suffer from the same bugs and flaws as the PS4 version.

teflontactics1165d ago

I tested 'er thoroughly, and couldn't find a single thing wrong other than that occasional startup hang. Whatever problems there were with the PS4 version have (thankfully) not made the jump to Vita. :)

vongruetz1165d ago

A lot of it had to do with the 100 friend limit bug that effects a lot of games. Do you have more than 100 friends?

teflontactics1165d ago

I've got well over 100 friends, and multiplayer works fine. :)

eddieistheillest1165d ago

I wish it was cross buy , I have it for the PS4.