First Preview for WRC 5 by Le Mag Sport Auto

WRC 5 Game get his first preview by french website Le Mag Sport Auto. We can learn more about the game and the E3 Demo of WRC 5.

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Knushwood Butt1014d ago

Is there a market for two rally games?

I wish them both success.

carreirabr1014d ago

A Kinect Gears of Halo for Duty Rally would sell in US.

level 3601014d ago

They should add a Rallycross feature in WRC.

Crypto591014d ago

Why ? It's a game under WRC licence... not a DiRT Game.

ScuderiaPaul1013d ago

RX is not part of the WRC so it would not be permitted under the licencing.

The upcoming Seb Loeb Rally Evo game has rallycross though.

ScuderiaPaul1014d ago

Something about this game does not fill me with confidence. I enjoyed the last few years of WRC games though and am willing to give this new studio a chance.