Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at E3 - Metroid

To kick things off we'll take a look at Metroid, a fan-favourite franchise that Nintendo has been somewhat worryingly hesitant to address. Arguably the greatest example - and half of the original concept - of the fairly popular "Metroidvania" sub-genre, the Metroid games have consistently nailed an excellent blend of platforming, shooting, exploration and creating a creepy, isolated atmosphere to tie it all together in an intergalactic setting. We do know that the series hasn't been officially axed, but rumours of a cancelled Metroid game for the 3DS don't do much to dispel the notion that Nintendo is wary of giving the series another shot; after the mixed reception of Metroid: Other M, it seems as though Nintendo is almost afraid to develop another entry. However, given that it's been roughly five years since the last Wii outing, now seems to be as good a time as any to give Samus her first shot at starring in a current generation game.

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