Could this be the last year 'For the Players' is enough for PlayStation?

Sony goes into this year's E3 on the crest of the same wave it's been riding ever since Jack Tretton's killer blows a couple of years back, when the company didn't so much grasp victory as sneakily pocket it while the Xbox One floundered in the turbulent twilight of Don Mattrick's reign. Microsoft has since made up for its early missteps and then some, cutting the Xbox One's price and unleashing wave after wave of big-hitting exclusive games as the console has been dynamically realigned, but the momentum has remained firmly with Sony all the same. The 22 million consoles shifted in the first 18 months of the PlayStation 4's life has already laid down a significant marker.

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ShugaCane1257d ago

I am going crazy over the title of the article. It just doesn't make sense to me how the words are put together. Can someone explain it to me, or rephrase it, or add more punctuation, please ? o_O

Septic1257d ago

Yeah it doesn't make sense at all lol. Glad I'm not the only one.

What theya re trying to allude to is that Sony might now be able to drop the 'For the Players' mantra in favour of 'evolving' and focusing on other areas such as VR etc.

I actually reckon Sony will have an amazing E3. I see more megatons coming from them than the others:

* The Last Guardian (possible reveal)
* GT7- from statements from the devs about it being close to release, this is prime time for a reveal
* Media Molecule- they will show something
* New God of War- nuff said
* Horizon- Guerrilla Games' new IP which, we can all imagine, will have stellar visuals- I'm excited even though I don't think much of the Killzone games

Exciting times! AAAH

never4get1257d ago

For the Players, for many years.

Genuine-User1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

"Microsoft has since made up for its early missteps and then some, cutting the Xbox One's price and unleashing wave after wave of big-hitting exclusive games"

The author has lost the plot.

Which big hitting exclusives is Eurogamer referring to? I have not seen any waves.

Septic1257d ago

"Which big hitting exclusives is Eurogamer referring to? I have not seen any waves."

Yeah not waves as such because there aren't many pure exclusives but it has had more consistent quality imo. Wave after wave is definitely exaggerating and they aren't strictly exclusives to the platform.

Tetsdah1257d ago

Isn't Level 5 revealing a new ip as well? And don't forget Sony Bend's new game. And I still am wondering about the old speculations that Gravity Rush 2 will be on the ps4 as well, possibly re-imagined on the ps4. Definitely some exciting prospects and only 3 more days.

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Unreal011257d ago

It took me a while to figure out that title but it does make sense haha. It might have helped if they perhaps added a "that" after the word "year".

ShugaCane1257d ago

Not it DOES make sense to me. LOL. Thank you !

Helios861257d ago

Haha yeah, it's getting on my nerves slightly.

kraenk121257d ago

Thank you. I just doubted myself even though I'm not a native speaker.

nucky641257d ago

also, there's the assumption that MS has " unleashed wave after wave of big-hitting exclusive games" - when was the last big exclusive MS has released??....honest question. I know ori came out a while back; but I don't remember even one big exclusive for a long time - let alone, "wave after wave" of exclusives. and even if I'm missing one in the last 6 months, it would hardly constitute a "wave".
btw - I'm not saying sony is releasing a wave of exclusives - they aren't. I'm just discussing the authors assertion about xbox 1.

miyamoto1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

That is Eurolamer for you.
Too much damage controlling for Microsoft, these anti-PlayStation people has gone crazy out of their minds.

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greenmiker1257d ago

"Sony has the luxury, though, of being able to play it straight, at a time when its competitors are still in a state of flux"

Another wonderful article by Eurogamer. I didnt find something to disagree in hole article...

iSuperSaiyanGod1257d ago

Am I the only one still waiting for more on "The Dark Sorcerer" ? Been what 2 years now? Hahah

Ultr1257d ago

it was a techdemo. so yeah, your wait will probably last forever

iSuperSaiyanGod1257d ago

It was a joke lol . I know , it just caught my eye . Wanted it to be a actual game since I saw that demo

BitbyDeath1257d ago

There was a rumour a month or two ago that their new game will be based on the Kara Tech demo.

Ultr1257d ago

that would be amazing

Ultr1257d ago

ah ok :P

Well And I have been waiting for the "Kara" game for even longer ^^

The 10th Rider1257d ago

I actually despised that demo. I felt like the joke went on way too long, which really dragged since I felt the characters were so stereotypical and predictable. I know it's just a short and it's not even going to be an actual product, but I just never understood what people thought was so great about it. It would have been much better to me if it they'd condensed it to 3-5 minutes.

Maybe I just have a different sense of humour...Or none at all.

Mikefizzled1257d ago

Didn't Eurogamer yesterday just post the EXACT same article skewed at Microsoft?
Titled: Microsoft's difficult choice at E3 2015
Will Phil Spencer try to save Xbox One?

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