Significantly Increase The FPS in Witcher 3

Witcher 3 is no stranger to being the most hardware demanding games we have played lately. The game manages to give even the most powerful computers a hard time. However, there have been several tweaks for both Nvidia and AMD that increase the performance of the game to few stretches. Today we have another tweak that increases the performance on Witcher 3; however, this mod is supposedly working on only the GTX 500 series and above from Nvidia. The tweak involves some tinkering with Nvidia’s DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) the feature was announced with the GTX 900 and later made it to the older series.

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Hasswell-NeverCold1284d ago

What is this? A placebo? =P Switch on to DSR resolution and look at those frames per second for a while and switch back, of course if you compare those, you will see some fps differences but isn't it the same fps what you had before you even tried anything. =)

bixxel1284d ago

I'm running on 4 GB with nearly everything maxed. I'm barely gettting any lag. Only the loading time is long (duh 4 GB ram). I don't understand what makes it so hardware demanding.

JazMac341284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

This article should simply be removed for completely false information...this will do nothing at all in improving your fps...

nucky641284d ago

what witcher3 needs is more enemies that are level 35+. I'm very disappointed how few high-level enemies there are to fight.

T9001284d ago

Play on a harder level i guess, i am still at the beginning stage of the game. However i choose to start as hard difficulty.

nucky641284d ago

tried that - I'm still kicking @ss - and I don't consider myself an expert player......butn I've found bluprints for weapons that are deadly not to mention I've seriously upgraded my signs. and when I manage to grind my levels up more I have bluprints for level 42, 44, 45, and 48 silver/steel swords. I need enemies that scale to my strength - thanks for the input, though!

sourav931284d ago

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That's basically what the article is saying

phoenixwake1284d ago

I literally posted three articles in order to get the ability to report this post. I don't have reporting rights yet, can somebody else put a report in on this? This article is completely irrelevant to its title.