PS4 Custom Dynamic Themes Available... If You Have a DevKit; Some Nice Examples Inside

Check out some examples of some dynamic themes from one of Naughty Dog's artists and gain a little insight into what goes into theme devlopment.

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pwnsause_returns1165d ago

It would be awesome if they bring out those ps2 inspired themes, imagine if it also reads how many games or game saves you have stored on the console, like what the ps2 did with the memory card... That would be cool

ShinMaster1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

I just want to be able to at least create my own static themes and use any wallpaper.

AutoCad1164d ago

Sony give us the ability to make our own..
I know yall dont get much revenue off them themes ..

Foraoise1164d ago

Neogaf can be used as a source now?

chrish19901164d ago

Apparently so... even though the neogaf link doesn't contain all the images. Check the credit url for the ps2 style themes!

Skate-AK1164d ago

Fix the description. He is not a Naughty Dog artist. He was only contracted by them to make a PS3 theme for Uncharted 2.

medman1164d ago

Cut the bullspit and let the community have the ability to create themes's getting old looking at my beautiful ps3 custom themes with no ability to do the same on my ps4.

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