Ratchet & Clank is a "Full Game" Stresses Insomniac; Bigger Than Into The Nexus & More

Ratchet & Clank will be making their grand appearance on the PS4 early next year but, despite the wicked-cool gameplay demo we got to see the other day, there are some nay-sayers who just can't believe that Insomniac are actually putting out a full game at a lower-price point. - The Games Cabin

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yuukiliu1012d ago

Can't wait for this game. One of the finest game series I've ever played. That pixel gun looks amazing. Can't wait to see what other wacky weapons they came up with for this one!

nicksetzer11011d ago

Same, looks great. I was expecting a "remaster" but this is far more than that. One of the biggest PS4 titles on my list.

miyamoto1011d ago

I hope Insomniac handle Sonic the Hedgehog from now on and not Sega for a good change.

DialgaMarine1011d ago

Sonic just needs to disappear, period. Gamers haven't cared about that stupid series in decades, because there's only so far a series can go with it's protagonist being a blue hedgehog that runs fast. If Sega wants to make more Sonic Generations-esq titles, cool, but stuff like Sonic Boom is a joke because the company is so desperate to make their mascot relevant again.

oasdada1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

I had no idea id like it so much that ever since its been announced i watch the trailer and gameplay atleast twice a day lol.. i hope it also has the space exploration element from crack in time.. watch the trailers from gamersyde too see the game in full uncompressed glory

Jaces1011d ago

Another R&C game that doesn't seem to get us any closer to the end of their saga. Not that I'm complaining but, man, these guys have been at it for a decade and then some. I want to see Ratchet finally Reunited with his own kind. We already have an idea where they are, lets set him on that journey! I don't care if it takes another trilogy, as long as he get's there in the third.

tl;dr My heart aches for Ratchet to be with his kind once and for all.

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Rimeskeem1011d ago

Ratchet and Clank has always been a series where I can't get enough

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1011d ago

It looks friggin gorgeous. The gameplay is true to the series as well.

no_more_heroes1011d ago

Didn't think it looked that great at first, but after watching it on Gamersyde, I must say it does look quite gorgeous.

Gonna stop watching gameplay videos on YT as much as it can be helped.

Germany71011d ago

It will be a huge year for Ratchet & Clank, with the game and the movie.

Sora_19941011d ago

why do they need to say this? Because its 40? that's ashame im sure the game will be excellent but gamers should be ashamed

trenso11011d ago

"can’t believe that Insomniac are actually putting out a full game at a lower-price point."

So apparently if your game isn't priced at $60 it isn't a full game. I don't get how some gamers can even think like that.

freshslicepizza1011d ago

if it's as long as tools for destruction then that's cool.

OB1Biker1011d ago

lol better laugh about it. The internet is full of whiners and they may call you a fanboy if you dont

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