PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Goal Is to "Entertain the F**k Out of Players", Explains Levelling Up

Drawn to Death may not seem like the most inviting game to be releasing on the PS4, but it's certainly looking to be one of the most accessible, at least in the free-to-play space.

The game's creator David Jaffe and some of his team recently spoke on a live-stream for the game and explained some of the fundamental aspects of Drawn to Death.

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DragonbornZ1279d ago

It looks like it'll entertain the F**k out of me lol. It looks like those games we all sketched out back in highschool during class and it looks really damn neat. The level balance between players sounds nice as well as it's focus on skill rather than weapons.

Abash1279d ago

Drawn to Death is what I need to get back into competitive multiplayer, something refreshing and just fun to play with friends which I know they'll be able to get since it will be free to play.

Germany71279d ago

I'm not a multiplayer guy, but the graphics are really beautiful, looks like it will be a great experience.

chrisx1279d ago

This looks like a game I'll have mad fun with

RAM0N 1279d ago

Cant wait to play this with my friends

Spotie1279d ago

More interested in this than anything that isn't Uncharted, Gran Turismo, or a JRPG.

DarkOcelet1278d ago

Woah there buddy, whats your beef with JRPG games or Uncharted/GT? They are awesome!

Spotie1278d ago

Read it again, please.

gangsta_red1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Is that David Jaffe using colorful language? Who would have thought?.