David Jaffe Speaks on PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death: "Made by People Who Hate F2P"; New Build at E3

David Jaffe speaks free to play, how the team actually love some aspects of the business model and what to expect from the game at E3.

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bennissimo1282d ago

Can't wait to see this game.

Hopefully, MS will have some Cuphead to show, too.

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Palitera1282d ago

Curious... Judging by the PR/devs, no game would ever be pay to win.

STK0261282d ago

There are plenty of F2P games that aren't Pay2Win; hopefully this game will be among those. F2P got a bad reputation from the early F2P MMOs which were giving away huge advantages to those willing to use their credit cards, as well as quite a few mobile games in the so-called freemium model.

But, some of today's biggest and more popular games are F2P and can still be enjoyed, some at a competitive level, without spending a penny. League of Legends, Dota2, HotS, TF2, Hearthstone and WarThunder have shown that free to play can be free, and, most of all, can be fun.

I think Drawn to death has a lot of potential, but as is the case with most free to play games, it will mostly depend on whether or not the base gameplay is actually fine tuned or not.