Top Five Most Under-Appreciated Final Fantasy Games

Very few franchises last as long or are as prolific as the Final Fantasy series, but with so many titles under its belt, there are a few that may not get the respect they’re due. Today, we’re looking at the top five under-appreciated Final Fantasy titles.

Without any restrictions the debate could spiral out of control: Do we count The Final Fantasy Legend as a Final Fantasy game despite it really being the SaGa series? What about the Mana series as it has its origins as a Final Fantasy Gaiden? Bravely Default is a wonderful series that deserves more love, and the developers believe its a gaiden type spinoff as well, does it count? To avoid all of these pitfalls, the games on this list will be limited to numbered Final Fantasy titles and their direct sequels/prequels.

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-Foxtrot1253d ago

Always a shame about FF8. One of the best FF games in my opinion

Great story, best character development, unique soundtrack that stands out from the rest.

Man_Marmalade1253d ago

I'd have to say that I've played it at least 10 times beginning to end. Many hours spent on that game and I enjoy every second of it each time I play.

bouzebbal1252d ago

my 5 best FF games are FF1, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF9

TricksterArrow1253d ago

Best character development...? I mean, I love FF8, but geez.

-Foxtrot1252d ago

Squalls was amazing. You see him slowly change over the course of the story. He becomes a new person at the end of the game

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )


FFVIII was just too amazing.

I guess the Junction and Draw system is too complicated for some lol
even though it so easy to understand.

Best Battles and Boss Music.

Most engaging Bosses.

-Foxtrot1252d ago

Well here's the thing about those complaints

Junction System - At first people say it's complicated and complex for a FF game....then in the next breath they'll say how it's easy to exploit and max out your characters stats. So what is it? Is it hard and complicated or easy to exploit. You know what I mean.

When I first played it I only figured out how to get the most from it untill the end of the game...when you really need it. Some people it would take them untill their second playthrough. So that complaint is silly to me

Draw System - People always say how you HAVE to draw magic, like you need to do it in every battle. I hardly did it and I still had a shit load of magic at the end of the game. People seem to forget about the item/card system which lets you turn them into magic, then there's the pink draw points and lastly at the end of the game the Island of Heaven and Hell...a gold mine of powerful magic

Squall the "emo" - The other one people nitpick is that Squall is "emo" despite the fact they judge him on the guy at the start of the game, not the person in the end.

From a lonely, selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader who has opened him self up for not only his new friends but the girl he loves.

Plot - People also nitpick the plot but come on it's FF...every FF game has plot holes or issues with the story.

ThatEnglishDude1253d ago

Not a fan of 8, 10, 12, or the 13 'series'.

DonkeyDoner1253d ago

forget 13 play them now!!

GrimmQuiorra1253d ago

I feel like an outcast for loving FF 12 so much.


PlebeGamer1253d ago

It's so good. It's amazing what they accomplished on PS2 hardware. Aside from that awful texture for Vaan's abs and the somewhat abrupt ending, it's the closest thing to perfection the PS2 ever saw. I'd go so far as to say it's more impressive than MGS3.

bangoskank1253d ago

You shouldn't. It's one of my favorite in the series. Probably one of my favorites period. I don't know how the writer of this article could think that XII had one of the weakest soundtracks. It was one of the better soundtracks I've heard. Everything about this game was amazing except for the rushed and muddled story. I'm convinced that had to do with Matsuno's departure from the project.

PlebeGamer1253d ago

While I did enjoy the soundtrack, it just wasn't better than any on the list. Arguably the most memorable and loved song in FFXII was a song that appeared in FFV first.

Almost every other Final Fantasy has (at least) that one unique piece of music you immediately associate with it, and nothing from FFXII had that impact on me or a large portion of the FF fanbase. There's no equivalent to One-Winged Angel/Aerith's Theme, Liberi Fatali/Eyes On Me, To Zanarkand/Otherworld, Terra's Theme, Battle with the Four Fiends, Battle on the Big Bridge, Pandemonium, or One Last Time.

bangoskank1252d ago

None of the tracks have that sweeping epic feel of Liberi or One Winged but the Esper Battle theme comes close and Necrohol of Nabudis and Nabreus Deadlands music along with some other were beautifully composed pieces that reminded me I was in Ivalice. Of course there's also the awesome rendition if Gilgamesh you mentioned. This is one of the few OST's I find myself revisiting. Different strokes I guess.

iDadio1252d ago

Read most this thread and not much love for FFIX so now I feel like an outcast because that's my fave :o

bangoskank1252d ago

FFIX is in no way an underappreciated entry in the series. It's beloved by gamers an critics alike. It's my favorite in the series up there with FFVI and XII following closely behind.

ZaWarudo1253d ago

Man FFVIII and FFXII gets so much flak.
I know FFVIII didn't had the best writing and the junction system was pretty broken, but that goddamn soundtrack is the best in the series and i loved the characters, Laguna especially. My second favorite FF.

And FFXII gets flak for being different. That game was just pure awesome, i remember playing that game for 12 hours straight. My favorite FF.

Man_Marmalade1253d ago

The junction system was one of the best things about the game. So many different combinations. Better than the materia system for VII imo

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