The Modern E3 Condundrum

Player2 looks at what modern times has done to E3 and how perhaps we are worse off because of it.

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Footyspacecadet1195d ago

It really does seem like there are no surprises left anymore. I hope I am wrong though because I agree it makes E3 special.

Mapsman1195d ago

Yup more surprises, less sequels.

Hewso1195d ago

Or at least sequels that aren't trotted out every year like COD and FIFA

SpamnJam1195d ago

I don't know... I think there is room for both approaches perhaps?

JoeBloggs1195d ago

I love the surprises at E3 but man I want all the information now and don't want to wait. So torn

Hewso1195d ago

That is a problem isn't it. I am the same I want all the info.

SolidGear31195d ago

Maybe a teaser or hint now and the full shebang at E3?

WizzroSupreme1195d ago

if you don't like E3, then just don't care about it. It's okay.

Hewso1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

Considering in the opening paragraph I said I love E3 I don't understand how your comment is valid. Seems a weird thing to say.

Mapsman1195d ago

Clearly didn't read the article....

Footyspacecadet1195d ago

It is fairly clear that the people here do care about E3 but that doesn't mean they can't point out problems with it. Issues with an event doesn't indicate dislike.