Microsoft: Xbox One sales up 81% year-over-year in May

In the U.S., Microsoft saw a big jump in console sales.

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BiggerBoss1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Good for MS, didnt XB1 sell like 77k last May? Phil Spencer has really turned around the XB division for the better, hope he drops some bombs at E3:)

Cindy-rella1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Calm down mate. Is he a terrorist or something? If he does im quite sure the proper authorities will have him arrested.

Good for microsoft and the Xbox division. This is good news for gaming

Christopher1286d ago

@Mikefizzled: you might want to use that image on yourself in this case.

KwietStorm1286d ago

That's the first time I've ever seen someone bring up terrorism when someone else is talking about dropping bombs. And I don't know if that's ironic or not.

Captain_Wormy1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

@Cindy-rella and @Mikefizzled

Probably the two funniest comments I've ever read on here. Gave me a good laugh. Thanks. Bubs for funny.

uptownsoul1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Hate to throw a wet blanket on this Phil Spencer love fest BUT...

The reason why Xbox One sales are up 81% from May 2014 is because Phil Spencer, himself, shot May 2014 sales in the foot by announcing Kinect-less SKU in early May (that wouldn't actually start till early June)…Thus killing Xbox One sales in May 2014

Sorry…I know, I know, I'm going to get 1 million disagrees on this comment, but its technically true...

Concertoine1286d ago


You are correct. I was trying to say the same thing last year. I remember that guy NextLevel was in every article talking about how bad Xbone sales were, ignoring the context.

At least now the truth isn't getting disagrees lol...

Lightning Mr Bubbles1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

XBOX One got outsold! Haha

uptownsoul1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )


You do realize that XB1's year-over-year June sales will probably be noticeably down for the exact same reason that May's year-over-year sales were up, right.

I mean, they won't have nearly the same amount of May "lay-overs" in 2015 that they had in 2014.

(btw, PS4 is probably going to win June's NPD since all those Batman preorder Bundles that were selling out in April won't count until June 23rd…And I know I could get "disagrees" for this but it is a very logically sound prediction.)

Concertoine1286d ago


Im confused. Why are you telling me this? Of course it'll be down, there's no new releases and there was a price drop last year.

Also stop sounding so self conscious about disagrees :P

donthate1286d ago


You do realize that MS just announced a 1 TB console right?

ABizzel11286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Congrats to MS, but it's a pointless comparison and doesn't really prove anything. Sales were obviously going to be better since no intelligent gamer (who didn't care about Kinect) bought a XBO in May of 2014 because the $399 Kinect-less SKU was announced in May and was going on sale in June, so of course sales should be much higher the following year with no similar announcement being made.

ABizzel11286d ago


Allegedly 77k, so almost 140k units this year.

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BoriboyShoGUN1286d ago

He's definitely better than those other clowns that were running Xbox. He's turned it around and that was no easy task!

showtimefolks1286d ago

Congrats ms, Phil Spencer has really done well since taking over as head of Xbox. Hopefully e3 will ge awesome for all consoles and pc.

Competition is a very healthy thing. When these console makers compete we as consumers win

bennissimo1286d ago

Most gamers are proving smart enough to purchase all consoles.

LordMaim1286d ago

I don't think that's the case.

RosweeSon1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Or swerve the one that's just cruising, I'm happy with my ps4 and my Wii U on the side, I will get an Xbox one.... Next year. Happy to wait it out for the slim, specially as the price has dropped over £100 since launch, Kinect has been removed (Thank you!) they've even redesigned the controller and now they are even adding in 1Tb hard drives for pretty much the same prices they were charging, E3 could change it all but can't see it in the next 12 months for me I'll wait until the good/great exclusives start rolling in and they've settled on the system they are selling with the newer controller, Kinect if it's thrown in for free and they actually make some valid use for it and preferably once the console has a slim line reduction 2TB would be good but sure I could manage with 1TB. Next few days is gonna be great to see what they are all doing.

Magicite1286d ago

Last May X1 flopped hardcore because it was month before Kinect unbundling or something like that.

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loopygames1286d ago

Microsoft announced the Kinect-less Xbox One while dropping the price to $399 last May. The price didn't go into effect until 6/9/14 so people held off buying Xbox One consoles that month. Which explains the huge year over year increase compared to last May.

MasterCornholio1286d ago

Thank you for your insight.


Makes perfect sense.

rainslacker1285d ago

I do recall that being the reason given for it's lackluster sales last May.

Month to month is kind of annoying to hear about. Yearly is generally a better indicator, and maybe holiday sales since they tend to peak during that time for people who hold off until the holidays.

hello121286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Microsoft bundles are not the greatest at the moment. MCC bundle and Assassins creed bundle are the two on sale plus the standard one with a couple of games.

They did ok saying all that, but Sony bundles are just more appealing Batman is a newer game.

After E3 more custom bundles will be introduced like the Halo 5 one we see what happens then how well it sells?

[email protected] Phil Spencer said there will be a Halo 5 custom bundle it likely will be shown at E3 or announced around then!

Eonjay1286d ago

I think Microsoft would be crazy not to do a Halo 5 bundle. That alone will greatly boost their bundle profile. Hell, why not go all out and but all the Halos plus Halo 5 into one box and release a custom Xbox One 1TB model for $349 (although $399 is much more likely). I say go all in.

crazychris41241286d ago

You know they are goign to make one to drive up more sales. Im waiting for Sony to drop a cool custom PS4. But the Halo custom bundle would be at least $450, COD AW bundle set me back $499, $525 after tax.

xDHAV0K24x1286d ago

H5 bundle was confirmed a while back

tuglu_pati1286d ago

MS should do a Halo bundle, with MCC (including ODST) and H5 for $350.

Gamer7771286d ago

I think the PS4 will win June due to the Arkham Knight Bundle. July I would favour Sony while August is a toss up. I think the XBox One will have stronger sales from September to December than the PS4 in the states but Sony will still stay ahead in global sales during those months.

showtimefolks1286d ago

I think fall depends too

Yes ms has ganes but Sony has 3rd party ganes and marketing rights. Mgs5 and star wars. Also rumors aew call of duty will not be with ps4 marketing and 30 days of exclusive wise

These 3 here will help Sony move a lot of consoles. June with ps4, rest we will have a clearer picture after e3

Rumors are Sony will drop atleast few AAA titles exclusive to ps4. So if Sony has the 3rd party marketing rights along with exclusive than it will go very well head to head with xbox one

As someone who likes figuring out sakes data and going in depth. I think the numbers will be a lot closer In fall between ps4 and Xbox one

IamTylerDurden11286d ago

August is all Sony u have the exclusive AAA horror game UNTIL DAWN, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, Volume, and Bedlam all on PS4 to name a few.

UNTIL DAWN alone takes August for the PS4.

The xbone is up 81% and it still was outsold badly by the PS4, kinda shows u the one-horse race it's become.

Chevalier1286d ago

September will probably be PS4 just because of MGS V will bring up PS4 sales. If Sony releases a MGS bundle for September and a SW Battlefront PS4 in November then I doubt Xbox One will beat PS4 sales. Just look at Destiny moving 550,000 PS4's last September. All Sony has to do to move units is announce those 2 bundles.

midnightambler1286d ago

And probably more if they have a half-decent E3.

PhoenixUp1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

This isn't really that great an achievement once you realize sales were down last year for Xbox One because most people were waiting for the price cut from removing Kinect to take place the following month

LifeInNZ1286d ago

Still an achievement none the less no?

Better than saying sales were the same or worse than this time last year.

PhoenixUp1286d ago

Xbox One was $500 last May with people aware of a price cut. That achievement was not even worth 10GS

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