Crisis Management, Lessons From Konami

Thomcult: Tough times over at Konami right now as the release of the Metal Gear Online 'Gene' expansion continues to cause trouble and bring the entire game to its knees.

There are a handful of valuable lessons here, which Konami has learnt the hard way and to which the rest of the industry would do well to pay attention before something similar should befall them.

The first lesson is a preventative one, and that age old mantra of doctors "prevention is easier than the cure" rings true as ever. Konami is a big publisher and responsible for a myriad of successful titles, both critically and commercially, year on year. However, Konami may have overestimated its standing the game world when it introduced Konami ID. A network independent of the PSN or Xbox Live, allowing Konami to call the shots and manage their own online products and services.

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