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Who is buying a PS4 or Xbox One right now?

Why in May? A month before E3?

Couldn't wait for a bundle? Or a price drop?

Honest questions...

Do sales really matter when its casuals buying the consoles at this point?

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Christopher1285d ago

Very few people, to be honest. But, you know, outselling the XBO 51k to 50k... it's a victory!

Regardless, be happy both consoles are doing very well compared to last generation numbers for the same time period. Don't forget, we need the competition to keep each on on their toes.

TheEnigma3131285d ago

It's selling that much while being fifty bucks higher.

Christopher1285d ago

OMG! Why didn't you say so earlier, TheEnigma313!

Letthewookiewin1285d ago

Sony doesn't have competition.

Christopher1285d ago

If Sony doesn't have competition, then how did they lose November/December 2014 and April 2015 in the U.S?

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True success is earned from the people not bought from deep pockets.

Retroman1284d ago


who cares anymore great gaming a comin.
im to busy having competition with online friends .

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You're avatar is from Space Mutiny right? So you're a MSTie? At least you have SOME good taste.

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I agreed, because it made me laugh. Thank you.

Septic1284d ago

"If Sony doesn't have competition, then how did they lose November/December 2014 and April 2015 in the U.S?"

I would like someone to answer this question please.

Khajiit861284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )


You cant be serious????

3 wins out of what 18? and its most likely not WW lmao yeah its a tight race.

Christopher1284d ago

@Khajiit86: but it's still competition. If there was no competition, there is no race. But, there obviously is a race if 3 of the 18 races were lost.

Do people honestly think that everything Sony has done since E3 2013 has been done just to make people happy and not to stay ahead of the competition? Did Sony rag on nobody when they made the jests about PS4 being DRM-free? Or was that point made to stay ahead of a competitor who had obviously made the wrong decision to tell gamers what they felt was right for them?

Look, there's no question who is winning the race. But, that doesn't mean that Usain Bolt is just out racing on his own on the track during the Olympics. There are people right on his heels, ready to take the lead at any time, during any race, for any mistake he makes.

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1285d ago

PS4 on top again. And it's still doing it without price cuts unlike the desperation of it's closest competitor.

Muerte24941285d ago

So... sad...but so....true. At this point, Microsoft has to be thinking: What can we possibly do now to win consumers?

StrayaKNT1285d ago

Unlike its closest competitor, they cannot afford price cuts as the are too broke and need every dollar they can get. Where as the closest competitor can hand out free xb1's and still have more money then their competition :)

Avernus1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )


The Playstation division is actually making money, so in that department, they have no NEED for a price drop.

Nice try though ;)

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mozzie1284d ago

@Ben Dover LOL are you seriously spilling the rumor that MS wants to sell Xbox after they've invested 2.5 billion $ into mincecraft and heavily integrate xbox services into Windows 10? It was Sony fans who started the rumor because they can't handle the fact that microsoft got tons of cash even if xbox doesn't make profit. PS on the other hand is sonys only profitable department.

pinkcrocodile751284d ago

@Ben dover

I love the suggestion that MS are selling the Xbox Division.

If they were, they wouldn't be integrating Windows 10 back and forth between X1 and the PC, then going into partnership with Oculus Rift.

The only minority voice that had a chance of ditching Xbox Division was Elop from Nokia when he was up for CEO but he screwed the pooch and as we all know it went to Nadella.

It seems that the "Lets ditch Xbox" voice has been stiffled for the forseeable future.

Lets not forget that MS are judging the sales based on last generation and to date they are doing better than they did before.

OT: The sales figures are very close I have to say.

johndoe112111284d ago


"PS on the other hand is sonys only profitable department."

It's amazing that you criticize him for making what you deem to be an inaccurate statement then you go and say this drivel.

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DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

@Ben Dover (Ben Dohver is funnier), as your name implies, you're BACKWARDS. Those trying to imply Microsoft's plans could involve selling Xbox are the ones who are trying to keep that "illusion up" (probably for the sake of FUD).

If you knew what Microsoft was working towards, you wouldn't think that, such as when Realizing how perfectly Cortana WideSpreads with XO using Kinect.

The Xbox OS should migrate easily to faster hardware with all the features they have now, and more when they move to Windows 10+ on XO, thus I think CrossBuy between the next-gen is inevitable for easing the next transition to XO hardware that's then the best combined with the best software they're building now (Sony is doing that sort of thing now with CrossBuy on PS3\PS4\Vita titles).

In other words, Microsoft doesn't have to win sales this gen to win the long game... most all of what they're improving this gen will carry over into the next-gen, unlike previous gens that used different architecture and lacked functionality, such as Universal Apps.

Edit: @Ben Dover, as I said and speaking of how you get "owned", you're BACKWARDS. You must not have read that link,


"Following Gates’ comments, Microsoft’s communications chief Frank Shaw was quick to tweet: “Bill’s comments re Xbox reflected support of Satya as CEO” — not support for a possible sale of the Xbox division.:"

Obviously fitting with my first comment, as you say Doh! Ben Dohver really is funnier.

AndrewLB1284d ago

@Ben Dover

Bill Gates doesn't run Microsoft. He stepped down almost a year and a half ago and spends most of his time dealing with his foundation. He does have the title "Technology advisor" at microsoft, but that's largely a "stop by now and then to make sure they haven't burned the place down" kind of job.

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Magicite1285d ago

June, July, August and September will be easy win for PS4, things will start getting interesting in October though.

Hellsvacancy1285d ago

I bought a PS4 end of May, I got Witcher 3 and Bloodborne for £299, why wait until E3? even if the PS4 got a price cut it'll be no less that £299 without a game let alone two games

It was great deal

bloodybutcher1284d ago

That IS a sweet bundle. I got mine last year, with kz, iss and knack.It was meh, but i couldn't wait xD

KwietStorm1285d ago

Probably people who like to play video games and don't get involved with the politics on internet blogs. I know the concept is foreign to some.

lelo2play1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Congrats Sony.
Occasional they may loose a month or two at the USA, but normally they will beat the competition.

The WiiU and X1 have their exclusives (so does the PS4), but the PS4 is winning the multiplatform games sales, and that is the deciding factor this gen.

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Letthewookiewin1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Mystic- No MS doesn't, you are delusional along with all the other blind fanatics on here.

DanteVFenris6661285d ago

@Mystic assassin mind telling me where they are?

showtimefolks1285d ago

Congrats Sony now have a great e3 and rest of the year. June should also be ps4 month since batman has a bundle with ps4 and exclusive marketing with sony too

The last guardian
Sony bends new game rumored to be resistance

Guerrilla games new lp

God of war 4 teaser


And much much more at e3

Army_of_Darkness1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )


You don't need E3 too find good weekly game console bundles bro.

nitus101284d ago

Still waiting for a bundle that will entice me to buy a PS4. I actually can afford to be very picky since I have a backwards compatible PS3 and a large game library comprising PS2 and PS3 games. I do have PS1 games and all PS3's can play them however they do look very grainy on a large screen HDTV so I rarely play them.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your preferences I do like Action/Adventure/RPG's and many of the games I like take many 10's of hours to play so I am at no loss for gaming entertainment.

So while I would like some of the RPG's (Bloodbourn and Witcher to name two) I also have many really good RPG's that I can play on my PS3 and some I have never finished.

Angeljuice1284d ago


Most casual gamers aren't even aware of E3. If they've been waiting for a while to save up to get a console, they are hardly going to wait longer for an event they've never heard of to get out the way.

MysticStrummer1284d ago

"Who is buying a PS4 or Xbox One right now?

Why in May? A month before E3?

Couldn't wait for a bundle? Or a price drop?

Honest questions…"

One of the biggest titles of the year, The Witcher 3, came out in May.

"Do sales really matter when its casuals buying the consoles at this point?"

Very silly question, that.

ScootaKuH1284d ago

Why not in May? Remember, not everyone follows gaming news so may not actually know about E3, or even care.

As utterly unbelievable as it may be, it's possible that people bought a PS4 or X1 because the time was right for them...

MoveTheGlow1284d ago

Witcher 3, man. That and the success of Bloodborne spreading via word of mouth.

Plus - E3 was when a ton of people started their Plus accounts after Instant Game Collection was announced. PS3 owners probably want to take advantage of a renewing Plus membership on the new console.

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Kayant1285d ago

And the cycle begins again as PS4 is winning June with the batman bundle.

uptownsoul1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Damn you :) …I was about to call that very thing

BiggerBoss1285d ago

Very likely. I cant think of anything major for June on XB1, Sony likely will win up to October.

With Halo 5s massive marketing campaign, I wouldnt be surprised if MS won October. June(Batman) through September(Metal Gear) will be Sony all the way.