Wolflink Smaug Elite Gaming Router Review | PS4 Home

PS4Home: "If you primarily download your content, and wished you could speed things up a little, then the Wolflink Smaug Elite Gaming Router could be a really helpful tool for you."

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NobleRed1078d ago

They call this a review? It's more like product advertisement.

theXtReMe11078d ago

Exactly. No real world testing to prove that it's faster than your typical router. That and Im not sure I want my PSN downloads coming from a bittorent server, where people could easily manipulate what you are downloading. Opening your system and network up to DOS attacks.

Until somebody like Tom's hardware does the real world testing on this, Ill take this 'review' as advertisement.

crazychris41241078d ago

This should be in Tech Spy, not on N4G. How did this sneak past the mods?

vikingland11078d ago

I don't understand why 8.5? The reveiw has no pros or cons. Just 8.5 because....

1078d ago