Driveclub's New Velocity DLC Tour Gets New Artwork; Shifter Support Considered and More

Yesterday Driveclub developer Evolution Studios announced the Velocity DLC Tour Pack, in collaboration with Velocity developer Futurlab. Today they released a new piece of artwork, while shifter support is finally being considered, and improvements to club challenges have been mentioned.

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IamTylerDurden11253d ago

The Velocity (ultra, 2x) Driveclub DLC tour pack sounds awesome i can't believe Futurlab worked with them on Driveclub to make it very Velocity Ultra and Velocity 2x like.

I'm excited.

Yi-Long1253d ago

They mention 'Today they released a new piece of artwork, mentioning that each race in the tour will feature unique artwork created with Futurlab.'

... which makes me wonder if they might have included a cell-shaded filter or something, to mimic that colourful look of Velocity X or something..... perhaps taking a page out of Capcom's Auto Modellista...!?

Or maybe they just mean the artwork in the menu, when you pick your event.

Abriael1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

oh my god. Auto Modellista... the memories.

I had to write a guide for that game for a magazine back in 2002, before guide magazines were killed by the internet.

I Loved it just as much as the rest of the press hated it.

bradleejones1253d ago

I like how they have dlc but the PS+ version that was promised is still not available....

DoublePlusGoodGames1253d ago

The PS+ version will be released in just a few days. Sony is holding on to it's reveal till the E3 press event.

bradleejones1253d ago

Really don't get why so many disagrees since this is a fact but whatever floats your boat.

Speak_da_Truth1253d ago

So they should stop releasing content for the people who actually paid $60 for the game because the free demo version isn't out yet?? Fact or No fact the point is, the people working on the server side are different from those working on the Dlc.

1253d ago