5 reasons to believe in Oculus

A partnership with Microsoft, a brilliant plan for controllers, and a big financial commitment to indie developers mean Oculus is doing everything right.

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Rimeskeem1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Wait, a big commitment to Indie gamers is all the sudden right? I don't wanna be bubbled down here but everyone was criticizing Sony and the PS4 for having a lot of indie focus and now all the sudden it's good? Alright

I hope Oculus does well and ends up being an amazing piece of tech

GameCrateEd1161d ago

People aren't happy if a platform ONLY has indie content, but if it has quality AAA games in ADDITION to strong indie content, then everyone wins.

Rimeskeem1161d ago

The PS4 doesn't have quality AAA games?

GameCrateEd1161d ago

I don't personally agree with that view at all, I just remember that was part of the indie-focus criticism. Too much indie stuff, not enough AAA.

S2Killinit1161d ago

But that is exactely what we have in the PS4.

GameCrateEd1161d ago

Really not sure what people are disagreeing with here. I wasn't expressing an opinion, I was trying to explain to Rimeskeem what people were *unfairly* criticizing the PS4 for. It was never because people didn't like support for indie games.

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Barnaby-Jones1161d ago

There's no need for the first part of your comment, Its off-topic.

Rimeskeem1161d ago

I know, just thought I would show some of my opinion. I'll probably me bubbled down for it for being off topic.

lemoncake1161d ago

The pc catalogue stretches back decades, ps4 catalogue stretches back only a few years. Consoles only get a fraction of the indie content that is released every month on pc. You are trying to bring a new gen console argument to the pc and it's just too different to be relevant.

Gwiz1161d ago

They don't even realize Microsoft spend BIG money on Minecraft,technically it's their biggest title and it's a?

Moldiver1161d ago


Indies have always been a big deal on PC. More so than PS4. Shoot...even xbox been on that island and planted flags years ago in the form of XBLA and their summer of arcade promos they used to do. Please go easy on that sony kool aid you seem to keep swigging. It harms your ability to make a point properly.

Im not sure what point you are trying to make come to think of it. Just that you somehow think sony were the first ones to prop up indies. And thats a flat out lie.

starchild1161d ago

That's what I was thinking. The PC has had super strong indie support for years and people like him did nothing but attack and downplay that fact, but now that the PS4 is getting some decent indie support he's acting like it's something Sony invented. Silly fanboys. Oculus showing strong support for indies is just a continuation of the way things have been on PC for a long time.

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DigitalRaptor1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

You only have to read a post summary of Oculus VR's dreadful press conference to understand that they screwed the pooch on this event:

They've instilled next to no confidence in their product going into its release in early 2016, other than excite a fair few misguided and ignorant Xbox gamers into thinking that they have something that will compete with Morpheus on their console.

Now of course, Oculus have plenty of opportunity to correct the course, and share lots of compelling details at E3 and other events, but as of now.... what a disappointment in what was actually presented.

Regarding the article and Microsoft:

"provides a supremely compelling reason for gamers to pick up an Xbox One rather than a PS4 (look for the Xbox to win a lot more NPD monthly sales reports going forward)."

What is this author talking about? Microsoft is going to suddenly gain overwhelming sales to "win NPD" because of a VR headset that doesn't play VR games? How stupid. From what I've learned, you NEED a PC to stream these games to Oculus Rift. The specs you need to run the VR means that you will need to own an expensive super-powered PC, a few-hundred dollar console and the VR headset which won't be super cheap. And somehow, this will translate into "NPD wins for Xbox One". Riiiiight.