Bethesda Conducts The Elder Scrolls Online AMA, Compares Console Launch to DDoS Attack

Having problems with The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited so far? Then you’re not alone. Fortunately for fans, Bethesda recently held a Reddit AMA where they answer some lingering The Elder Scrolls Online issues.

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Wedge19952d ago

It really was getting bombarded with players. Once you get in, the game is great though!

DanteVFenris666952d ago

Well that's exactly what a ddos attack is. Only difference is a ddos attack is something done malicious

brish951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Gamers are just trying to play the game they bought and it's not working. There is no attack.


Well the difference is that ddos attacks are artificial, correct? If a large amount of real owners of the game are trying to log on, they should technically be able to do so.

LightningMokey952d ago

Servers can only support so much, once you exceed that limit it starts to lag and/or eventually shut down. A DDOS isn't really so much artificial as it is just pinging the server with your ip over and ovet again to cause stress on the server.

DivoJones951d ago

Correct.. a DDoS sends a flood of requests to an endpoint, be it a server or switch. Servers want to handle every request, since that is what servers do.. serve. It can't differentiate between the fake and actual requests, and eventually buckles.

If their issues are solely from players trying to connect, then it's just a sign that they did not adequately prepare for their launch. But then I rarely hear of a new game or expansion launching without issues either.. which I find pretty pathetic.

TheColbertinator952d ago

Gonna wait for ESO for a bit on console. Other games on my plate atm

Vanfernal952d ago

I got trouble logging in the first day. After that I've been able to play with no problems. I might get a queue every once in a while but apart from that it has been smooth sailing.

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