Alone in the Dark: Illumination Launch Trailer and Screens Released

EB: Alone in the Dark: Illumination is now available on Steam, and it’s marked down to $29.99 for a launch sale, which will run through June 22, 2015. A new launch trailer and some eerie looking screenshots have been released to support the game’s launch, both of which you can view below.

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-Foxtrot989d ago

Well...that looks pretty awful

Could have made a great survival horror game but no...they did Together in the Dark instead.

camel_toad988d ago

Yeh I considered getting this earlier today until I started reading the user reviews on steam and how its a "together in the dark" game. Could have been something but now I fart in its general direction.

SolidGear3988d ago

Awesome looking. Boo for not being on consoles though.

MWH988d ago

Alone in the Dark lost its way a long time ago. I was honored to have played the first 3 games, they were great and pioneered the genre.

bit-crusherrrr988d ago

Atari should have looked at how well REhd has sold and made a game more like alone in the dark: a new nightmare back on the dc/psone. Even an HD upscale of that would have been better.