How Much of an Improvement Is Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2.0?

Push Square: "We live in strange times when a demo can get a hefty patch, but it's well worth downloading Episode Duscae's several gigabytes 2.0 update. In our first, pre-patch look at this early glimpse of Final Fantasy XV, we noted that it's clear that the game has huge potential: the open map is quite absorbing, the title's sense of style and overall art direction is interesting, and it seems very much like an evolution of Square Enix's most iconic franchise. However, with everything that Episode Duscae 1.0 did right, one or two little things always seemed a bit off."

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PaleMoonDeath1284d ago

Frame rate is better so I can actually enjoy combat, and having more enemies to combat at once is one hell of a sweet addition, just one fight lasted almost 15 minutes for me last night, hell here's my footage!

If they decide to update it once more, add more enemies, an even better frame rate, and more little quests to do, loving it thus far.