Beating Final Fantasy 15's Awesome New Boss

"Taking down a new enemy added in the latest Duscae patch."

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Forn1132d ago

Okay, the combat looks sweet but dang if the summon mechanics don't ruin everything. "Oh here, let me purposefully get downed so I can summon and take off half to all of the boss' life."

Taero1132d ago

Didn't we used to replace that with "Oh let me get damaged and then constantly swap between characters to trigger my limit break"? Cheesers gonna cheese. It may be that in the actual game mechanics like this end up fixed or not usable, it is a demo after all and this 'boss' looks VERY slow, with only two attacks. Adding in a 'Rear and pivot' move would mostly nullify this cheese, or even a 'Turn the other way sometimes' action.