Did You Want to Buy Grand Theft Auto V on The Cheap With the Steam Summer Sale? Well, Too Bad

Many have been waiting for the Steam summer sale to buy this or that PC game while saving some of their hard earned cash, and in most case their wish will be granted, but if your objective was Grand Theft Auto V, then it’s not going to happen, at least for now.

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GreetingsfromCanada1162d ago

Microtransactions and bs pricing tactics, nice.

LordMaim1162d ago

Oh no, Rockstar is going to give me some free stuff with my game but I'm not saving as much money as I expected to on this sale, so I'm going to complain until I get my way.

Three choices:
Buy it now.
Buy it later when it reaches the price you want.
Don't buy it at all.

All three come with a side of "stop whining".

Pandamobile1162d ago

Rockstar also propped the price up before putting it on sale, so the discount would appear greater than it actually is.

Vegamyster1162d ago

"Free stuff", it's multiplayer funds lol.

Krew_921162d ago

Oh please. Everyone knows this is bull. They know perfectly well what they're doing here, most don't even want the other games or the microtransaction. Plus the games bundled with them are less than $5 each, which making them bloated with GTA V to $80 USD is silly as hell.

On another note, using "the game is new" card is complete crap as well. The Witcher 3 is completely new (GTA V came out nex-gen in 2014) and is currently 10% off in the sale at the moment.

Th3o1162d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion...I don't understand why you need to police people on's not like this is Rockstar's website and he is trying to be jerk...he's just stating both facts and opinion.

It's a very shady process, and I personally don't agree with it but I cannot blame Rockstar for capitalizing on their success.

GreetingsfromCanada1162d ago

Bruh, I already own the game. But I'm not going to stop criticizing actual faults like microtransactions or pretending to put a game on sale just "cuz it's rokstar, not ubishit or craptivsion."

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lelo2play1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Rockstar! Shame on you.
That's a pretty sh***y move.

DonkeyDoner1162d ago

not really steam sales not "aggressive" as it used to be

Testfire1162d ago

I've noticed many AAA titles stay at $59.99 for a long time on Steam while their console counterparts enjoy much better pricing. I don't get it, digital should be cheaper.

Vegamyster1162d ago


I haven't noticed too many other then the more popular ones.

BellePelouse1162d ago


Probably cause of the fact that you cannot sell a used game on Steam, used game are cheaper so they make the offer price go down

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Th3o1162d ago

To be fair, the game is fairly new and I'm sure it will piss off early adopters who paid retail.

Also the game is soo successful that most likely those who wanted it already have it, and others will continue to wait.

I don't agree with these tactics, but they have the right to do anything they want with their game.

IF you guys navigate to the Top Sellers on Steam, the game is still selling like hot cakes!

BellePelouse1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Pointless, if you want to buy a AAA game that is not 2 months old you got to expect to pay the price, especially for a quality game like GTA that is probably still selling well at full price...

I feel bad for people who waited for a good discount on this but it probably won't be until the winter sale

and if you are willing to disregard Steam for this game G2A has the best price as far as I know, but its only Rockstar codes

And please don't go calling Rockstar cheap nothing obliges them to participate in sale and they are still one of the few great developers out there

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