Oculus Rift VR is really neat, but it has some major hurdles to overcome

There is still a long way to go before Oculus Rift claims a sizable share of consumers.

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Crazay1281d ago

I'm probably... 5 or more years away from jumping into the VR thing. Something significant will have to happen to change my mind on that.

starchild1281d ago

Actually using it?

Having used the first developer Oculus Rift unit, which isn't nearly as good as the newer versions, I think most naysayers are people that haven't used it. I have no doubt that VR is going to carve out a very important place in gaming.

Crazay1281d ago

Nope - Admittedly I haven't used it but that's my point right there. "which isn't nearly as good as the newer versions," is why I'm a solid 5yrs out. I want it a) more refined b) more cost effective and c) Actual good content developed for the technology.