Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is Kojima at his best

Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus brings proof that mega-budget games remain necessary and impossible to ignore.

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1075d ago
Captain_Wormy1075d ago

"True to form, a very lengthy and magnificent prologue sets the scene for hero Solid Snake’s 1980s tour of duty."

Solid Snake....are you f!ck!ng kidding me?

RandomGamer1075d ago

Yeah that is kind of a big mistake for no one to catch .

raWfodog1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

What you mean? This game is basically a prologue to Solid Snake's adventures. That's what the quote is saying...

Edit: Ah, I went back and re-read the quote and it sounds like the author thinks that this is Solid Snake. Maybe not a real fan of the series...

raWfodog1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Why are you mad at Solid Snake reference?

Edit: Yeah, the author seems to think this is Solid Snake, hmm? He must not know the story behind the series that well.

Captain_Wormy1075d ago

It's not that. It's that they confused NAKED Snake/Big Boss with SOLID Snake.

Germany71075d ago

Can't wait for another Metal Gear, probably the last one, there is no Metal Gear without Kojima.
Even with Konami trying to ruin everything recently, this game will be epic.