Oculus Partnership Is a Brilliant Move for Microsoft

Could the Microsoft-Oculus Partnership be a huge first shot in a "new console war"?

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gangsta_red1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

"Microsoft has possibly struck a decisive blow that could bring it back to relevance in not just this console war"

Listen this is all well and good for MS in the VR department but lets not start popping the corks on the champagne bottles just yet. I mean is VR even going to take off and become popular?

I really don't see VR as being a popular device that takes over gaming.

And now I'm reading it only streams Xbox games. Where's the benefit in that? I guess it's like a portable device but I really don't see the use.

It makes no sense. For this to be a factor I'm sure they will have VR games for Xbox One that makes use of the Oculus.

darthv721258d ago

Even though the games may not be fully VR it is still cool that it will be another display option for people to use for playing XB1 games through windows 10.

MS owns a good share in FB and FB owns Oculus so call it a partnership by proxy if you will.

If oculus makes a unit specific for the XB1 then we may start seeing games developed with it in mind.

zeee1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

I am sorry but I just don't see this as a Brilliant move?

1/ Stream games and watch them in a virtual cinema settings
2/ Comes with Xbox One controller.

What's the big deal here? Really? Can someone explain me because I think I am missing something here? I hope I am!

uptownsoul1258d ago

If Rift ONLY streams XB1 games then thats going to be an expensive streaming device. If they can start doing VR games on XB1 then thats huge…But they won't be able to just move Rift PC VR games to XB1 because the XB1 hardware is nowhere near the minimum PC specs for Rift. So they'll have to seriously downscale the games to go from PC VR to XB1 VR

nX1257d ago

I wouldn't even call this a "brilliant move" for the hardcore Xbox userbase... let alone for anyone else. It's just a pathethic attempt to stop their competitors momentum with Project Morpheus.

CoLD FiRE1257d ago


Read this article

it explains how this is a smart move by Microsoft.

brads41257d ago

This partnership is PC oriented, not xbox oriented. The controller is xbox, but with pc adapter. this is a very smart move. Microsoft owns the desktop, occulus wants in. Partner with the new FREE MS OS, ride the gravy train. Y'all can't see what this is about?

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darthv721258d ago

I'm curious why they are making any sort of announcement now? It must mean they have something even BIGGER planned for E3.

Oh man this is gonna be good.

gangsta_red1258d ago

Yea, I have the same feeling.

I mean I know I read that people like the fact that they have another option to play their games on but for me it makes little sense.

If I have a VR device I would want to play VR games.

Something tells me that MS and OR have something more in store for the future.

frostypants1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Or they announced now because they are afraid that if they went into E3 (or worse, waited until after E3) with an announcement of a VR headset whose Xbox functionality truly is limited to streaming from a PC or something, that it would look pretty crappy going up against a rival who is expected to show-off full-on and playable VR on their console.

In that case, IF that is the case, they're just trying to avoid comparisons. They can't NOT announce it, because it is new functionality, but to do so in the same forum as a competitor's more developed alternative would be PR suicide.

Think about it:
Console A: "We have VR goggles and games to show off, running on our hardware, and the goggles were developed especially for our console."
Console B: "We have VR goggles, too! They were primarily designed for PC, but you can stream that PC content via our console! But yeah, you're technically playing through your PC, or using the goggles as a static TV screen. Still cool though, right?"

It might not be fair because the latter truly would be a pretty neat feature that simply makes use of the console hardware in a creative way, but the critics would paint this as a weak cop-out attempt at me-too functionality for console B. The clickbait articles and bad press would be epic.

So, they announce well before E3 and avoid direct confrontation to the extent possible.

darthv721257d ago

@frosty, OR... because it's more PC related than xbox related is why they are talking about it now. Leaving E3 for all things xbox specific like it is rumored to be.

Eyebrows are raised with curiosity more than ever.

christocolus1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

@Darth V

My thoughts exactly. I think Phil will talk more about this and Xbox One at E3.If it can stream directly from Windows 10 PC's then i see no reason why it cant stream from an Xbox One console running Windows 10. There has to be more to this partnership.

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ZeroX98761258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

So you need:
An X1
A PC with near-recommended specs
The oculus rift

is that it? because that's how the announcement sounded to me.

Zeref1257d ago

If its just streaming you don't need the recommended specs. You can just use a Surface tablet.

ZeroX98761257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

well, I wouldn't buy a rift & a surface JUST for streaming my X1 game in a virtual 2d TV screen. I'll invest in a bigger screen instead. If a Mid-end PC can be used than that's great!

Biggest advantage is being able to play on a big "virtual" screen even in a small physical room. Good for university students in a small apartment.

uth111258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

The point is- look at the headlines it's generating.

It's a time-honored Microsoft tradition to disrupt competitor's product announcements by saying "oh we have a solution for that too" then rely on the technically unsophisticated press to not see any real difference between the competitors product and the MS non-product.

Cupid_Viper_31257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

Haha, I'm glad to see someone else seeing the true intentions of the whole move.

This is something that looks good on paper, and right now when it comes to the Xbox One, Microsoft needs all the positive news they can muster up.

This is similar to their support of HD-DVD back in the early days of the Xbox 360 vs PS3 Bluray thing. Where you needed to buy the add-on for $150 plus. Good for movies, but absolutely no benefits for games. The games were still limited to the 7.xx Gigs of the DVD.

I already own a Sony HMZ-T1 3D and I can already do this with my PS3 and PS4, and any other device that supports an HDMI output.

This is nothing more than a "hey look ma, VR (Oculus Rift) on Xbox One too". And I have a feeling it is meant to try and counter Project Morpheus's supposed Heavy presence at E3 this year. And when you think of it in that light, it makes you think that MS is a little bit worried about Project Morpheus atm.

Lore1257d ago

Those that have been involved with gaming over the last few decades who "don't" see VR and AR as the future are fools. You eventually need to get people more engaged with the experience(s), otherwise you'll eventually end up with a hundred years of recycled and over rehearsed games. This new dimension opens up endless possibilities, smart individuals will continue to embrace this and help gaming evolve the way it should

gangsta_red1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

The same thing was said with 3-D and how that was going to evolve gaming and that went no where.

Gaming, I feel is going to evolve through smart design, tempered production cost and innovative gameplay, it doesn't need a gimmick like VR.

frostypants1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

@gangsta_red, how is VR a "gimmick"? Comparing it to 3D is silly. 3D tech has always been hit-and-miss, and really just a minor bump over the traditional TV experience. But a technology that is the effective equivalent of having a giant TV screen surrounding you, for less than the cost of a normal TV, is a game changer. The only reason it has taken this long to take off is the limitations of consumer graphics hardware.

This isn't a gimmick, it's an inevitable evolution of the medium. In 15 years, the thought of playing an FPS or sim without VR goggles will be silly.

Lore1257d ago


It's all good, if he ever opens his eyes and notices billion dollar companies starting to pour continued support to this inevitable future, while making billions more in return, I'm sure he'll come to his senses.

cmgs1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

You can't call people fools for their liking of a technology. Also there is not one way gaming "should" evolve. The devide itself is not the more important than the game being played and engineering is not what games are all about. That is why pixel indie games are still extremely popular. In fact I find the VR to be very contradictory to what it is trying to do, for you see, the more closer you try to be in a persons shoes in a game, the more little details will keep distracting you and it just won't feel like you are there at all, whereas a book, written masterfully could allow you to live that experience much more immersed. It is the masterful use of medium that decides quality of the experience you had.

uth111257d ago

when you have devices that can give people headaches and motion sickness just from regular usage.. they probably won't be the future of gaming.

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Zeref1257d ago

I can't see why they wouldn't be able to make VR games for Xbox One.

jb2271257d ago

It's funny to me how VR was a non essential dead in the water platform when it was Morpheus & PS4, but now it's the super awesome future of gaming now that Oculus is going to Xbox. I personally think VR will be a platform with legs if it rolls out with the right software. I don't think it'll hit that huge potential this gen, but early adopters & people impressed by the early gimmick of VR will be enough to keep it afloat until it hits it's stride. I know I'm personally very interested in it, but it all hinges on software. If we are just shoving console titles into a VR space then it'll be rough, but if there's some dedicated software built from the ground up solely for the platform it could be amazing. At this point it only seems like Sony is creating boutique titles for the tech in the console space, and I'd bet that MS will use it's devs to work on HoloLens since it's their proprietary tech, and trying to port console titles and maybe some indies that work well in the PC market. It's anybody's guess which platform will be more successful in this race but I can't wait to try the results from both.

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TheGreatGamer1258d ago

Very surprised and very pleased that both VR and AR (hololens) will come to XB1

frostypants1257d ago (Edited 1257d ago )

That's not really what it says, though. It just sounds like VR running off your PC, but streaming via your Xbox. Or just streaming Xbox games as a direct conventional feed to the OR it would basically just be a big TV, not VR.

Axonometri1258d ago

Not in my judgement. MS needs to make up ground and that conference was so awkward and awful. I was only impressed with Valkyrie. Nothing about it was helpful to MS XBOX. They even over shadowed the inclusion of the XboxOne controller with their own split VR controller. So what was the point of any of this? They just stabbed themselves in the foot and left the rest of E3 VR in a nervous state. Hope someone does better at showing VR next week.

1258d ago
fudgenasty211258d ago

its also a lot cheaper and faster then actually making their own vr headset

pompombrum1258d ago

Pretty much what I was thinking. If VR takes off and Sony are cruising on the VR bandwagon, it would have left Microsoft playing a dangerous catch up game. With this partnership, they'll be able to stand their ground in the VR department for the fraction of the cost and resources. Smart move, very smart.

Bennibop1258d ago

Who is going to buy an x1, a rift and a gaming pc? You may as well cut out the x1 and buy yourself some proper vr games on pc.

RosweeSon1258d ago

Did they have much choice if they want to keep up with the Jones'/competition.

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