Oculus Touch Controller Announced

BNR: Near the end of Oculus VR's pre-E3 conference, Palmer Luckey took to the stage in order to show off the two-handed controller- the upcoming "Oculus Touch". Possibly the strangest controllers ever announced (topping the PS3 bananas), each individual controller has an analog stick, multiple buttons, and a trigger at the bottom

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PizzaSteve1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Come on now is this what people really want lol.

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3-4-51252d ago

* I'm personally not ready or interested in VR yet, but I'm glad it's actually making progress.

VR will be awesome in like 10-15 years, but these new first steps need to be made in order for developers to get there.

* Moving my body and arms around takes me out of the game and reminds me I'm moving around.

* With a controller, I get lost in the game because I'm not thinking about the controls nor am I moving my body around.

All that is moving is my fingers,very quickly around the gamepad, as if they are one.

THAT is when I'm most enjoying the game....When I don't even know I have a controller in my hand.

* At various times the NES/SNES/Sega 6 button/Xbox360/XB1..even N64 controller have all given me that feeling of just getting lost in the game.

I'm sure the PS controller have for those that use them as well.

* With motion control and VR, every body movement I make takes me right OUT of the experience.

I'm guessing that is exactly the opposite effect they are going for but I'm not sure they "see" this.

Jmanzare1253d ago

That link isn't working for me and the person in the thumbnail to the article looks completely ridiculous lol

joeorc1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

You may want to tone down the mocking about the type of gameing experience, because it indeed works.

The Concept and interactive control method works very well in a VR compute environment.

Melee combat type games such like starwars kights otr. Would work quite well with this type of setup.

If you try out google cardboard you could see for yourself why VR is now quite viable for Gaming than it was over 20 years back. Unlike than today's VR works not only better, has more advanced Hardware that over all is in entry level to VR consumer viable to the entry point. And its not just a few companies making a go at VR, its the largest company's in the tech industry that see the investment worth while.

ThanatosDMC1253d ago

If that's the controller, it looks like a poor version of a Move Controller. Button placement is similar but holding it seems like a pain. Why is it a ring?

bluzone1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

It looks like it hold the LED's for position sensing. Apparently there is a position tracker that you need to use as well.

joeorc1253d ago

Most likely curved reflective surface for camera to see better from top to bottom, like with move a lighted sphere allows the camera to be able to focus better on an object instead of a users hands.

Also since the surface allows greatest reflective surface to bounce off of it makes it easy for the camera to focus.

Pandamobile1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Actually, the Move will be the poor version of a VR controller soon.

Both the Rift and Vive's tracking systems are far more advanced than the Move's old camera tracking and are actually designed from the ground up for VR.

its_JEFF1253d ago

That looks like it could work. It looks like a their own version of move controllers... minus large glowing orbs.

The only thing I don't get is why announce the partnership with Xbox to include an X1 controller with every Oculus and then immediately trivialize it with the announcement of this new controller...

I don't even know why including the X1 controller is a thing... I get the feeling that the people who have an Oculus Rift right now are tech savvy PC guys who either have other controller options already (360 controller) or can just rig up a controller setup easy. I is probably a deal that MS sign with Oculus cause they currently don't have a Full VR solution and would like the Xbox name attached to Oculus. Great move on their part as they currently only have an AR headset, but who knows if they have a VR headset in development.

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