MGSV:TPP upwards of 100 hours of gameplay, possibly more

...Journalists spoke about a Konami representative who had walked in during their play of the game saying

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kingeliran1162d ago

After playing the witcher 3 200 hours gameplay its hard to impress me in game lenght, sorry... but still going to be amazing game.

DarkOcelet1162d ago

Its not the game length that will keep you glued to MGSV. Its the amazing gameplay possibilities and there are many ways. Its gonna be sick!

PlayableGamez1162d ago

The biggest difference between MGS and the Witcher is one is a 3rd person stealth shooter and the other is an RPG.

For an open world shooter too have 100+ hours of gameplay is pretty damn impressive. Not too many shooters or any shooters that I know of have that much content.

Sokol1162d ago

I'm getting little tired of almost every game being 100 plus hours... I'm the only person here that literally doesn't have time for numerous open world games running around for hours and hours?

Maybe it's just me.. Look forward to the game.

ShugaCane1162d ago

A 100 plus hours Metal Gear Solid game sounds like heaven to me.

Ristul1162d ago

I hope it will not involve fetch quests a la DA Inquisition, then those 100 hours will be a shore.

goldwyncq1162d ago

It's MGSV vs TW3 this year then for battle of the best open world game.

DarkOcelet1162d ago

Both are innovative in their own ways...

Witcher 3 Side Quests are really something..

MGSV gameplay possibilities is truly a huge game changer and going to be something the gaming industry have never seen before.

xtheblackparade1162d ago

Wow for a MGS game that's...huge considering MGS IV had only 20 hours first time. 100 hours of epic.