Oculus Rift, Xbox One's Answer to Morpheus

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "In a shock stage appearance from Phil Spencer. Phil Spencer has announced that Oculus Rift will feature a bundled Xbox One controller and will feature full streaming capabilities for Windows 10 integration between the Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. This essentially means that Xbox’s One’s answer to Project Morpheus is indeed Oculus Rift. Oculus is a tried and tested format which many people have managed to try throughout the development life-cycle of the device. Whilst there is no official announcement that the Oculus Rift will work without an adequate gaming PC, it has been announced that Xbox One games will be playable on the Oculus itself. Phil Spencer has cagily stated he is excited to announce more information in the near future."

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Nitrowolf21285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I was under the impression that all it is, i just streaming games via windows 10 onto the oculus and not actually utilizing all of the features it has. Nonetheless, it's a right move in the direction to support VR.

This is awesome news overall, VR is getting the support and hopefully it's finally realized and not half-done like so many past attempts.

Edit: here's a video of the Vr in action

@Mighty, that's what I don't really understand. I'm sure they'll build ground up titles that'll work with xbox One, but they've clearly stated and keep stating during the conference that it's "xbox One Streaming", suggesting it's just that, streaming and not taking advantage of it

GamerscoreWhores1285d ago

The Xbox One has the horsepower to support it, I can see them partnering to do this, it makes no sense to have Hololens as their answer to VR Gaming.

LostDjinn1285d ago

What?! No, seriously. WTF are you talking about? You say "The Xbox One has the horsepower to support it". The recommended specs are an i5 4590, a GTX 970 or R9 290, 8 GBs of RAM, etc.

Mind you, I got my information from their site instead of making it up. know... I could be wrong. What do you think?

I await your edit and or damage control attempt.

MightyNoX1285d ago

No, it doesn't.

Devs confirmed you need a PC that can support the Occulus.

zeee1285d ago

Wait... wasn't HOlo Lens going to be the answer?

iTechHeads1285d ago

XBO most definitely does not have the horsepower to support VR, especially not the Oculus Rift.

Sony's PS4 doesn't either which is why their built their own with Morpheus.

xHeavYx1285d ago

From a different article
"Microsoft confirmed that this was only streaming titles to the rift and not actually using the hardware to make VR titles"
So, no, it's not the answer to Morpheus.

Testfire1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

I wonder if MS plans to harness the power of the clouds for this.

xKugo1285d ago

Go check the Minimum spec requirements for any Rift game or better yet, check their recommended specs for PC just to simply run the hardware. After you're done, come back and damage control edit that post. Then press Ctrl+W ;)

darthv721285d ago

the xb1 answer to morpheus would be if oculus made one specifically for the xb1.

This is acting as another display option for win 10 users to play xb1 games. keep in mind you need the xb1, a win 10 pc and the OR to do it.

IF... OR were to make one specifically for use on the XB1, then we would likely see games made to use it. As it is MS is still working on AR for the XB1.

kneon1285d ago

Hololens is AR, not VR

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MightyNoX1285d ago

What a bizarre, over-complicated. Transport yourself into a virtual room to play Xbox games...

Oh well, at least that's one way to ensure Xbox games run at 1080p

FITgamer1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

From my understanding it'll just be a virtual large screen, not actually using the VR capabilities.

Edit: Apparently so

Professor_K1284d ago

whay are people trying so hard to Downplay this, those people should stick to jerking off to sales...

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Kayant1285d ago

"This essentially means that Xbox’s One’s answer to Project Morpheus is indeed Oculus Rift." - No it doesn't. All this does is stream XB1 games to Oculus Rift in a "virtual cinema" meaning you're still playing XB1 games designed for traditional gaming not VR games.

It's a stupid idea IMO. I mean what benefit or reason would you want to play your XB1 games through a headset that is inside a virtual environment. Really doesn't make any sense. XB1 to Windows/Windows to XB1 PC makes sense in a way and has use cases but what use case does this have?

gangsta_red1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Doesn't it mean that developers can now make VR games for Xbox One? Or VR games can now be ported to Xbox One now that it has Oculus support?

Nitrowolf21285d ago

I don't believe so, It's essentally using Windows 10 streaming capability to stream it to the rift, not actually play the game using the rift. Its the same as streaming an x1 game to pc, you are still using the x1 hardware, not taking advantage of what ur pc might have

Kayant1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

No because you are playing XB1 games as is not VR games. All that is happening here is streaming from XB1 to Oculus. Given it isn't an input device for XB1 there isn't anything to develop for.

Nitrowolf2 explained it better.

_-EDMIX-_1285d ago

Nope. OR isn't on XONE.

OR is merely the display for XONE from PC. Its just streaming the image. Its not actually prcessing data from XONE to do anything, its just a dispay...

Its not any more VR then this is if plugged into a PS4 or PS3.

I mean...doesn't this mean you can make VR on PS3 or PS4? merely means that you can view it through a headset like the HMZ. The OR isn't made for XONE or consoles in general.

....Nitrowolf does explain it better though lol

gangsta_red1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

Yes I understand the streaming part of it all. I really don't understand the benefit of that either.

What I am asking is can't developers now make VR games specifically for the Xbox One now that it has VR support from Oculus?

I would think the whole streaming is just an added bonus for when developers actually start releasing specific games that use VR and can be used with the Oculus for PC and X1.

Kayant1285d ago (Edited 1285d ago )

"What I am asking is can't developers now make VR games specifically for the Xbox One now that it has VR support from Oculus?" - No because it's not an input device for XB1 like the XB1 controller or kinect is. You're not controlling anything when you put the Oculus on to play XB1 streamed games.

For VR games to happen it needs to be an input so devs can design games around it.

SmielmaN1285d ago

From what I've been reading, and what been explained pretty well on these boards, is if you want to play VR games it's OR+PC w/proper hardware. To play X1games on OR it X1-->PC-->OR. The PC is your conduit to display the X1 game through the OR display. If a game releases that is designed for VR it's going to be released on PC so you would need PC+OR anyways. No need to buy PC capable of running OR and a X1 to play a game you would buy on PC anyways.

I get the debate of console game designed for VR but like it says, you need the PC anyways and if XBLive is good on your PC as well then you only need PC+OR.

This partnership seems to be more of a PR deal to counter whatever may be coming from Sony with Morpheus. It's basically a new way to play your XB1 games on your own head mounted display. Not actual VR support as you would have that anyway if you already owned the PC and OR.

uth111285d ago

it sounds like you still need a PC to power this device then in your virtual environment you would see a screen playing your XB1 games.

It sounds like nothing more than a headline-grabbing attempt by MS to steal some of Morpheus's thunder pre-E3 because Morpheus is expected to have a big show. People who don't read past headlines will think XB1 is getting everything Sony is showing.

jrshankill1285d ago

It is absolutely pathetic that people will trash absolutely anything that Microsoft and the Xbox Brand try to accomplish.

Partnering with Oculus is, in no way, a bad thing for console gamers. Your brand loyalty really does get in the way of progress. Bunch of little playground girls.

Sheikh Yerbouti1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Not a bad thing. It just isn't real VR either, so stop whining and blaming others who clarified that point to you.

This just side function for the Rift, not the main reason to get one. You'll still need a higher end PC.

2cents1284d ago

What benefit or reason would you want to do this..?

Someone wants to use the tv.
You want to play in bed.
You want to play on a virtual screen that is much bigger than the one you own.
You want to look like a twat.

Any more reasons you need :)

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clmstr1285d ago

Ugh, the ability to stream xbone games to PC isn't really a selling point of Oculus Rift thus it isn't an "answer to Morpheus". Morpheus is a PS4 thing and Rift is a PC thing. Come on.

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JMaine5181285d ago

I wouldn't call it the answer as it is only streaming games. It is definitely a nice addition to xbox but won't be the same experience as Morpheus.

Anorexorcist1285d ago

Apparently all these phantom disagreers know more about this new deal than Phil Spencer, because simple streaming is exactly what he announced.

1285d ago
JMaine5181285d ago

Now the future may consist of native play but as of right now its just streaming.

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