Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity DLC Gameplay - GoodGameBro

GoodGameBro writes, "The Criminal Activity DLC features four new maps, a new gadget, new weapons, two new vehicles & more. I was fortunate enough to visit EA Visceral’s studios a few weeks ago and was able to record a few matches of the new maps."

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wakeNbake1287d ago

BF4 has way more replayabilty than this game.

Vystrel1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

This is seriously the map that was already in the campaign with the car dealer. Amazing.

Crazyglues1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

Yeah, this is just sorry, I mean it doesn't get any more lame then this... you really gotta be kidding me.

Really this is the DLC, a map that's in the campaign -- this is what they were working so hard on, coming out with a map that's already in the game...

RockStar /GTA V -- releases heist with mask and guns and it has new cars and missions and it's FREE..

EA /BF Hardline -- Releases some mask and guns and a lame map that's already in the campaign and it cost money for this DLC, they actually want money for's lame as hell and it cost money.. LoL

I'm sorry I'm just really disappointed in this, I really thought it was going to be some new awesome map design. -(this was clearly already in the game and taken out to then be sold as DLC)

Sensiblesteve1287d ago

Love the map battlefield headline has been great