Capcom teases new Street Fighter V characters in the latest trailer? "For some fighting game fans, Capcom teased (or hinted) new Street Fighter V characters in the last trailer. The trailer might contain some details indicating unexpected presence on the roster."

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thatguyhayat1049d ago

4 days left till E3!! Hopefully Akuma or Ken grt announced. They're the 2 I use the most.

pompombrum1049d ago

I'd be shocked if at least one of them wasn't announced.

thatguyhayat1049d ago

I think its time they announced a new character to the series. Didnt it have the Square enix logo too?

Vandamme211049d ago

I wanna see new characters

PaleMoonDeath1049d ago

Just be sure to have Akuma in there, and we're square.

BlackTar1871049d ago

This game looks so good. Man i can't wait. Spent at least 400hrs on SF4

hkgamer1048d ago

was most of the time spent in training mode? sadly I think I spend most of my time in training more than playing locally/online/single player.

BlackTar1871048d ago

No i had about 200 online fights under my belt but a lot of time was spent on the final stages of the challenges. The Time trial and Survival challenge. Basically anytime cammy came thru on the super hard levels she would beat me up bad. Took like a month to figure her out completely.

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