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3-4-5988d ago

Like now ?

K time to go check.

I've had $20 in my account for a while, time to see how many games I can get for it that I actually want to play.

starchild988d ago

There are a handful of games I've had my eye on and I hope they go on sale. I'm sure I'll find some games I want to buy during this sale, I always do.

slappy508988d ago

SAme here, just about all the games on my wishlist are on sale. I was just told to check a website called "steam price check" or something. Turns out some companies are doing a dodgy and inflating their game prices right before the sale, and then offering them at their normal prices under the guise that they are on sale.

Vegamyster988d ago

Will probably pick up Homeworld Remastered Collection, heard its got a good campaign and it looks gorgeous.

tanukisuit988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

2 in 1 game collection - can't beat that! And the multiplayer is pretty decent, too.

TotalSynthesisX988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

RIP wallet

Stringerbell988d ago

RIP summer. And summer hasn't even started yet :/

SilentNegotiator988d ago

I already adopted out my wallet to a nice family, knowing that I could never take good care of it in a world where Steam sales exist.

WizzroSupreme988d ago

Steam Summer sales? Bye bye money.

BassMan125988d ago

Waiting for Evil within and season pass price drop