Perfect Dark? Fallout 4 Exclusive Content? How Xbox Can Steal the Show at E3 2015

A look at the potential surprises that Microsoft could show off at their press conference at E3 and really steal the show.

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never4get1130d ago

Exclusive AAA Japanese Game, that would be a real surprise.

Magicite1130d ago

and absolutely pointless, considering how xbox fanbase dont dig them.

immoracle1130d ago

... Says the entire Xbox fan base...

gangsta_red1130d ago

"There is something about Quantum Break that we all like here on MGL and we certainly expect to see it at E3 this year."

I got some sad news for you then.

"developing Kinect games and the episodic Killer Instinct has been ok"

Rare didn't develop anything for KI? Where have these guys been?

Rimeskeem1130d ago

QB isn't going to be at E3

Sora_19941130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

I'm still stuck. On that why is QB missing e3 That game was front and center at the Xbox reveal. REVEAL! And I feel like I don't know really anything about it nor have we seen a glimpse of the tv show(have we?). I wanna know more it looked very interesting

Edit:@below:true just getting a little impatient but I've heard from many on here remedy is usually like this.

Gamer7771130d ago

Maybe it's more convenient for Remedy to be at Gamescon instead of E3 since they're a European studio.

hemmo19861130d ago

Perfect is old and buried. Halo is old and generic. Quantum break looks fresh and new. Gears is same old same old. Hmmm.....

Convas1130d ago

What, pray tell, is generic about Halo?

Pogmathoin1130d ago

Bet he would say Gran Turismo 12 is a breath of fresh air....

hemmo19861121d ago

Nah grand turismo is shite

scientificreasoning1130d ago

Exclusive DLC lol, no one cares about timed DLC. and perfect dark would be a small title sales wise.

PistolsAtDawn1130d ago

I'm a fan of all the systems, but this year MS already has the show locked down. Even the most extravagant rumors from Sony and Nintendo aren't as exciting as what has already been revealed by MS. Who knows....maybe if either of those two has a MAJOR completely hidden announcment they MIGHT steal the show...but I can't see that happening at the moment. This close to E3, something that major would have leaked by now. It MIGHT change, but as it stands right now...MS easily took E3 this year (and sounds like it will have an awesome Gamescom as well).

ger23961130d ago

You better let Sony and Nintendo know so they don't show up to e3. Seeing how Microsoft has e3 "locked down"/s

prettyboy121130d ago

you sound deluded!!!you dont ever count out sony a must be new to gaming my friend

PistolsAtDawn1130d ago

Nope...35 years, have owned every Nintendo, PS, and Xbox ever...and a Dreamcast and PC...the issue is that I DO see the bigger picture

Seafort1130d ago

How have Microsoft stole the show when the show hasn't happened yet?

Microsoft doesn't really have a good track record at E3.

They show more about tv, videos and social media crap than anything else. All they do is show Halo, Forza and buy 3rd party games and DLC timed exclusivity.

Even their own separate conference when they announced the Xbox One was a complete shambles and will forever harm the Xbox One this gen.

I actually dread MS E3 conference as I wonder which 3rd party games they've bought off this time.

immoracle1130d ago

"locked down" is a very aggressive claim. Please support with evidence.

PistolsAtDawn1130d ago

The only people that ask for "evidence" in a discussion that is OBVIOUSLY about opinions are people that simply don't want to believe it could be true.

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