Dirty Bomb Review - The price of freedom [dealspwn]

Dealspwn: Dirty Bomb is fun, fast, and frantic when the fight gets going, and you can see the pedigree from Splash Damage’s previous titles there, but it’s quite clear from the Open Beta tag that there is still plenty of work to be done. Once the balancing had been fixed it could be a great team-based shooter, but its monetisation and unlock system will no doubt rub a lot of players to wrong way. That said, it’s free and a fairly small download, so it’s certainly worth a look, but time is running out to get things right with new competitors almost ready to steal the spotlight.

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bggriffiths1280d ago

I sorta wish Splash Damage had had another crack at Brink. Great art style, cool movement system, but let down by a reliance of team-based multiplayer. Was a ghost town on 360 a few months after launch.