Bender's E3 Predictions: A New Metroid Game, Club Nintendo's Successor, & The Last Guardian Finally?

Short Pause: "This year's E3 expo is fast approaching! The Short Pause crew is getting excited and, in anticipation of the event, we've all been discussing what we hope to see at E3 this year."

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TheDude791255d ago

1. I'd love a new Metroid game
2. I don't care what the successor to Club Nintendo is, JUST INCLUDE ACHIEVEMENTS!
3. What is "The Last Guardian"? /s

Vyprstryke1254d ago

The Last Guardian is the name of the final Destiny expansion before Destiny 2! #Duh

IamTylerDurden11255d ago

I think The Last Guardian is real and it appears Mark Cerny (and team) is helping finish the game with team ico.

TheDude791255d ago

Whatever it takes to help this game see the light of day!

jcnba281255d ago

A new Metroid is LONG overdue, hoping for a new Prime.

1255d ago